"Tace et audi"

Random Thought's son has a run in with a 'tude… a Latin teacher with a typically liberal 'tude attempting to typically foist it on the young and seemingly gullibe.  Thankfully, this young 'un's got good parentage.  We pick up after the son's first run-in:

So, Youngest Son already felt that Latin Teacher disliked him.  He really does want to be liked by his teachers; that this one apparently had it in for him bothered him. Until the next day, that is, when Latin Teacher took an opportunity to pontificate about peace and violence, in the process clearly stating his disapproval of the US military.

Youngest Son is VERY proud of his USAF 1st Lt. older brother, and he told Latin Teacher, “I have to support our military, my brother is in the Air Force.”

Latin Teacher, with all the arrogant certainty of his type, corrected Youngest Son, “You don’t have to support the military, you just need to support your brother.”

Youngest Son realized (his words again) “there’s no point in discussing it further,” so he dropped the conversation.

As I told him later, this just proves you can be very intelligent about some things (teaching Latin, for example) and an idiot about others.

If I’d been there, I would have said, “Hey, I get it!  I don’t support the school football team, only the quarterback, because he’s my cousin. I hope he wins all the games he plays in, but I don’t care if the rest of the team does.”


Mr. Latin Teacher, tace et audi. Keep your liberal anti-military rhetoric to yourself. This isn’t public school. I pay your salary, and I pay you to teach my son Latin, not your political views.

Read the whole thing, including the most appropriate image used to accompany the piece. 

And bookmark this blog.  Lots of wisdom over there.

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