The Bush Opposite

One reason I love writing at Wizbang is Jay Tea. For some reason, we seem to provoke, errrr, inspire columns by the other every now and then, and this is one of those times. Jay wrote about former President Carter’s post-office denouement in civility, common sense, and cognition. I felt obliged to provide a few thoughts in his defense, to which Jay reminded me that Jimmah is actually rather an epic fail, on the whole. Jay also brought up the same point I did, that Mr. Carter went into office with some very fine intentions. And it is that point where I want to begin my article for today.

There are a lot of folks who like to water things down. They don’t like rigid rules that apply to everyone in every situation, they like to point to relative conditions and extenuating circumstances … well, when they want to give a break to someone they like, that is. This has led to some strange abandoning of logic and more than a few crimes against obvious laws of nature, like that soccer league which does not keep score and gives everyone a trophy, the court system that argues that the majority opinion of the people has no merit if certain minorities are offended, and the entire concept of ‘climate science’. I’m sure the people behind each of those concepts mean well, but the plain fact is they’re just plain wrong. President Carter was like that, he had the best intentions, but God bless him, he couldn’t begin to get the job done.

It occurs to me as well, that a lot of people take the opposite approach to competent people who lack polish. A good example of this is our most recent former POTUS, George W. Bush. The man did a fine job, all things considered, but two years after he went back home, democrats and the East Coast elites are still bringing up W every time they wad their panties over something. At first it seemed to be a political strategy, to advance liberals by smearing the leader of the GOP, especially since W was too decent to smear them back or deliver a Cheney-style ‘death glare’. But as 2010 winds down, and the political value of attacking Bush has diminished to – and passed – the point of satire, the Left remains determined to hate a man whose accomplishments are becoming more obvious as time passes.

One reason the Bush Administration is gaining respect in the public, despite the unending barrage of insults from the Left, is the complete lack of noteworthy accomplishments by the Insulter-in-Chief, President Obama. Like President Carter, Obama seems to have meant well. I will give him that much, I do think he wanted to be a great President, and he thought he would do a great job. And like Carter, Obama’s chief reason for believing he would do a good job, was because he held himself in high opinion without much critical thought or consideration of the requisite experience or perspective. He won the job, therefore he was qualified. End of story.

Bush came to office to do a specific job, and he was careful to ask for the opinion of leading republicans and democrats before committing himself. Bush’s respect for Ted Kennedy in his ‘No Child Left Behind’ program, for instance. Obama, on the other hand, was resolved to accomplish things his own way, so much so that he not only ignored republicans but many fellow democrats in crafting his policies.

Bush was often derided for lacking eloquence in his speeches, but at Ground Zero just after 9/11, he spoke to the nation with passion and clarity that resounded. Obama was praised for his intellect and elocution by just about everyone, yet since taking office his ability to answer simple questions or effectively sell his own policies to the American people have failed dismally.

Bush was attacked as man who hated Islam and could not see past his Christian bias, but under his watch 50 million muslims gained freedom in the Middle East. Since taking office, Obama’s policies regarding Iraq and Afghanistan have been recognized as ineffective and short-sighted.

Bush was smeared as anti-black, but directed more U.S. aid to combat AIDs than any president in history. Obama was expected to be a huge blessing for blacks, but unemployment for black Americans under Obama is now higher than at any time since … Jimmy Carter.

Over and over we see it. Bush the man without flash, whose substance showed when it mattered, and Obama the Bush Opposite, a man of nothing but flash, but after the flash nothing but dust and a bad smell.

In the late winter of 2013, as Spring approaches the nation, cold winds will continue to blow through the streets of Chicago, so harsh and cruel that Mayor Daley might have sent them. As he surveys his home town upon his return, and considers all that was and all that might have been, Barack Obama will reflect for a moment and, as always, blame Bush. Because George W. Bush has always been a magnanimous and grateful man, his opposites – be they Carter or be they Obama – will be sure to hold the opposite position.

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