The Pope isn't who the left says he is

The Anchoress brings us to this InsideCatholic piece righteously titled “Newsflash: Benedict isn’t the angry, aloof pope we keep insisting he is“:

Deacon Greg linked to an article in the Vancouver Sun this morning that wrapped up the pope’s UK visit, and I’m exasperated just from the title:

Pope sheds ‘Vatican Rottweiler’ image on Britain trip

Really? Are we still acting surprised when, once again, Pope Benedict turns out to be nothing like the angry caricature so often painted of him?

I’m curious to know how many state visits it will take — how many meetings with abuse victims, how many World Youth Days, how many photo ops like this — before people stop trotting out the Rottweiler line, as if he has suddenly undergone some radical transformation, and state the obvious: Pope Benedict is a “shy,” “warm,” “lovable, elderly figure.” It’s not some act he’s putting on to win over crowds; anyone who has been paying attention would know that — as the massive crowds who turned out for his visit can attest.

Yes, Benedict had a reputation (unfair even then) as the Church’s watchdog — ten years ago. He’s now been pope for five. It’s not like he’s been hiding under a rock all that time, and this is some shocking new character development. Can we please come up with some new headlines?

Of course, the answer to that last question is no. 

The filtration system used by leftist media and the gullible who take it all in can’t allow a positive portrayal of the Pope to get out, for in too many ways he and the church he leads is anathema to their own misguided faith.  After all, isn’t the Pope anti-women, anti-gay and God forbid, anti-choice?  And hasn’t he done all he can to cover up the pedophilia scandal?  Those are bedrock dogmas of the Religious Left and anyone who stands in the way of those beliefs is Satan to them and so will be portrayed as such… with one key exception.

This same bunch of leftist ideologues will bend over backwards to portray the Islamic faith positively.  They will ignore a faith system that truly subjugates women and absolutely persecutes gays. They won’t report on the rampant pedophilia engaged in by the faithful or the fact that Muhammad its founder married a 9 year old girl

It’s a juxtaposition that may initially seem puzzling unless viewed through the prism of Veritas.  In the end, and this will certainly bust a leftist vein or two, it’s about truth or if I might especially offend, The Truth

A false belief system will never embrace The Truth and in fact will do all it can to prevent its spread to include propping up like belief systems also built on lies.

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