Obama goes to Church

Some suggesting or implying that this was to combat the increasing perspective that he’s Muslim:

President Obama attended church on Sunday for the first time since April as an increasing number of Americans believe – falsely – that he is Muslim, not Christian.

The entire First Family walked from the White House across Lafayette Square Park to St. John’s Episcopal Church, the quaint house of worship informally known as the Church of the Presidents.

The Obamas sat a few rows back from the altar among about 40 worshipers.

The President and First Lady Michelle Obama, along with their daughters, went up for Communion.

Obama last attended church in Washington on Easter Sunday, April 4.

That from U.S. News and World Report… note again the reference to how some Americans believe falsely that Obama is a Muslim.

I believe Obama and his family attended the 9 AM service and left roughly an hour later when the service ended… perhaps one of you can confirm that.

An interesting sidebar about Obama’s visit is what was taking place at the same church at 10 AM that morning:

September 19, 2010

Prospects for the Two-State Solution the Middle East, Part I.  Speaker: Ziad Asali,  M.D., Founder and President, American Task Force on Palestine

You would think that his handlers would choose a date to go back to church that didn’t coincide with a Muslim set to speak at the same church from a perspective that favors the Palestinians (presumably).

You would apparently be wrong.

Most interesting.

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