Why conservative women just might save the country

Wizbang’s Lorie Byrd has a column up at Townhall today in which she writes about all the conservative women who are running for political office this year because they are concerned about the direction President Obama and the Democrats are taking our country. Lorie says they just might be the ones to save the country. I agree with her. Here’s a portion:

Sarah Palin has been an inspiration. Many women watching Palin in the 2008 presidential race saw themselves. They might not be former beauty queens or Alaskan hunters. They have not served as governor of a state. But they saw a woman who came to hold office not by being born into privilege or being a Rhodes scholar, but by working her way up from the local level. They saw a woman who became involved in her community — starting on a small city council, then as a small town mayor, then as governor.

They saw in Palin, unlike some other female politicians, a woman who did not see her femininity as a weakness, but instead embraced it. They saw someone who wasn’t a Harvard law school graduate or a policy wonk. They saw a politician who looked at the world from the perspective of a wife and a mother.

They saw the mother of a son serving in the armed forces, a pregnant teenage daughter and a young son with Down syndrome.

Palin’s example showed them that life experience and common sense were qualifications to represent their fellow citizens every bit as much as a blue blood pedigree or an Ivy League degree. After all, the people with the law degrees and decades of experience in public office haven’t done such a great job of running things lately.

Lorie’s article is today’s must read of the day for me.

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