In Thy Name

My, my, my. What a stir is going on in Illinois. Last week, Americans For Prosperity held an event, and a group of protesters showed up. The protesters were well-equipped with posters depicting such notables as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin totally rocking Hitler mustaches.

The protesters really weren’t that impressive. But what they did afterward was far, far more worthy of attention — the kind of attention that they probably don’t want.

After their silly little gathering, they broke up. Several of the leaders, however, stuck together for a little post-rally confab back at headquarters.

“Headquarters,” as in “a campaign office of Representative Debbie Halvorson (D-IL).”

Now, it’s entirely possible that the office staffers didn’t know where the protest leaders had just been, and what they had done. But note that this took place at night, the office was closed up, and someone let them into the locked office and had a nice, long, friendly chat afterwards.

To quote Ron Popeil, “but wait! There’s more!”

One of those protest leaders has been identified as one Anna Markowski. (Not to be confused with Lisa Murkowski.) Murkowski has a very interesting resume’ — she’s worked for Representative Russ Carnahan’s campaign (D-MO), and she’s a prominent employee of Organizing For America.

Another Nazi-sign-carrying protester happens to be a very high-ranking campaign officials of Halvorson’s, as well as a former top aide to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but I want to focus on Markowski here. As I said, she’s a valued employee of Organizing For America.

Organizing For America, you should remember, is what Barack Obama’s presidential campaign morphed into after winning the election. Normally, such campaigns either dissolve entirely, or at best remain dormant until the next election cycle. This time, though, Obama saw the amazing raw power he had assembled, and decided it was too much to go to waste — so he turned it over to some of the campaign’s leaders.

But he left them one little gift, one little present that serves as a constant reminder that they act fully with his blessing.

What was that gift of such power?

Why, their website and domain.

What is the URL for Organizing For America?

All his life, Barack Obama has managed to evade one problem that has plagued so many others in politics: the curse of dubious associations. Dick Cheney severed every tie he could to Halliburton before he became vice-president, yet spent his entire term of office being tarred with his past associations. Sarah Palin’s husband flirted with the Alaskan Independence movement, and she was labeled a radical separatist. In the blogosphere, just once say something less than hateful about Robert Stacy McCain, Pamela Geller, or Robert Spencer, and Charles Johnson will forever tar you as a racist white supremacist hater and booger-eater.

But not with Obama.

He started his political career in the home of an unrepentant domestic terrorist, worked with said terrorist (and his unrepentant domestic terrorist wife) for years on various causes, and those ties are pooh-poohed and dismissed.

He bought his home and was the beneficiary of plenty of fundraising assistance from corrupt criminal Tony Rezko, and that is pooh-poohed and dismissed.

One of his closest aides is slumlord Valerie Jarrett, and that is ignored.

And most remarkably, he speaks of being a proud Christian without discussing how he spent 20 years listening to the sermons of a black separatist and “liberation theology” radical, praised the minister, cited him repeatedly in his biography, and never once noticed the guy was a raving racist nutbag. Again, he skated.

But here’s one he can’t run away from. Markowski is in Illinois for political purposes. She’s there to help shore up Democrats in the upcoming election. The protest she helped lead was directly in line with that — to drive down support for conservatives.

She’s there as an employee of Organizing For America, the owner of

She is literally acting in Obama’s name.

This is one place where Obama can not run away from. If nothing else, he owns his own name. He gave away the web site, but he can not disown it. Should he disapprove of their actions, he can demand the domain name back. And if they refuse, legal precedent is clear: the actual owner of the name can claim the domain name that uses their name.

As long as Obama does not do anything to reclaim, then he is directly responsible for the actions of those he has entrusted it to. Because they are literally acting in his name.

Obama drives one hell of a big bus. It’s big enough to run over all kinds of people without slowing down — his grandmother, Reverend Wright, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Rod Blagojevich, Richard Daley, and a host of others.

But it ain’t big enough for him to throw his own name under it.

"The feet of the tyrant... are already touching a tripwire"
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