"Don't Make Me Angry…"

Dan Riehl reports: “Senior Voters Riled Up Over ObamaCare“. And check out some of the numbers:

82% believe that cost-effectiveness is NOT a justification for rationing, agreeing with the statement, “As a matter of principle, the government should not ration care or deny treatment options based on what it calls “cost-effectiveness.” I don”t trust the government to put a cost on human life.”” Only 7% disagree.

71% believe “the government is likely to limit treatment options through Medicare and Medicaid based on cost within the next several years,” compared to 10% who believe it is unlikely. 44% say it is “very likely.”

85% report they will be truly “angry” “if the government does in fact ration Medicare and Medicaid,” including 59% who respond it will make them “very angry.” Importantly in this election year, 87% of swing-vote seniors say that Medicare and Medicaid rationing would make them “angry.”


Democrats, you’ve just given our seasoned citizen voters an accidental overdose of gamma radiation. You won’t like them come November.

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