The Religion Of Peace

Islam is a religion of peace.

In Seattle, a cartoonist decided to demonstrate the freedom of expression that is a hallmark of Western civilization and announced an “Everyone Draw Mohammed Day” on Facebook. When — in an utterly unexpected and unpredictable response — Muslims around the world called for her death for inciting blasphemy, she took down the announcement, called it off, and apologized profusely for thinking she has the right to draw a picture of Islam’s founding prophet pedophilic psychopathic warlord.

Not. Good. Enough.

Now she’s been advised by the FBI that it would be best for all concerned if she left town, changed her name, and basically hid from Adherents Of The Religion Of Peace(tm).

In India, Adherents Of The Religion Of Peace ™ heard about the proposed burning of a Koran by a nutjob minister in Florida, and they responded in a peaceful, dignified, civilized, respectful fashion: they burned down a Christian church and school.

In Indonesia, a Christian teacher was accused of blaspheming Islam. The peaceful, dignified, civilized respectful response from the Adherents Of The Religion Of Peace(tm): the mob burned down a village hall, a church, and 45 homes.

But back to the case of cartoonist Molly Norris: note that the FBI, aware that there is a credible threat to the life of an American as retaliation for her choosing to exercise her First Amendment rights, isn’t trying to protect her or go after those who would do her harm. Rather, they’re telling her to go into hiding and shut the hell up.

In other words, the dumb bitch was asking for it.

Nice to know that when radical Adherents Of The Religion Of Peace(tm) plan to kill Americans for violating the laws of Islam, the official government policy is “don’t piss off the crazy dangerous people.”

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