"I turned to the gospel of liberalism as a balm for my shame"

Robin of Berkely at American Thinker is waxing eloquent:

I absolutely hate making mistakes. But more than this, I fear them. As a psychotherapist, I’ve spent many hours trying to figure out why. 

All roads lead back to my mother: a woman who could be sweet one minute, and then, out of the blue, erupt like a volcano. I never knew what would trigger her rage.

This is my first childhood memory, a hazy image seared into my brain: I am in my bedroom at around age 5 with my mother, having just done something naughty. My mother explodes, “If you keep doing things like that, I won’t love you anymore.”

Night after night, I cried myself to sleep, overwhelmed with despair at this potential tragedy. It didn’t seem humanly possible to survive without her love.

I cried and I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. Then, when my tears I dried up, I decided, with the logic of a small child, that I would never, ever make another mistake. Being perfect would shield me from disaster.

Not surprisingly, I became an anxious adult, a pleaser, someone who bent over backwards not to offend. But it wasn’t just my mother who catapulted me into lifelong perfectionism. It was the absence of a forgiving God.

Without a Higher Power, there was no avenue for redemption, no way to cleanse the ever-present feelings of unworthiness. All of my mistakes remained etched permanently in my consciousness. 

I was alone in the world, attempting to be my personal mini-God. Assuming the role of my own judge and jury, any mistakes were dealt with swiftly and harshly.

Beginning in my teens, I turned to the gospel of liberalism as a balm for my shame. Through liberalism, I was offered the potential for redemption. Finally, there was a way, however fleeting, to feel like a good person.

My story is not an unusual one; it is typical among most of the liberals I know. I see the same behavior patterns and mindset in those around me.

Thus, liberals are determined to become model, global citizens. They’ve morphed into politically correct zealots, the ones who proselytize their faith with hardcore fanaticism. By doing so, they wash away their sins.

Touchdown!  Goooaaal!  Home run!

Robin scores.  Robin hits the nail on the head.  Robin skewers.

And Robin goes on, finishing strongly. 

Do yourself a favor and finish with her.

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