Helping The SPLC, Update 1

Well, my little project to help the Southern Poverty Law Center clean up their terribly messy and inaccurate “Hate Map” has started to bear fruit. Quite a few commenters chimed in with their own critique of their state’s ratings, and Meryl Yourish reported on Virginia. And so far, with just eight states tackled, we’ve pared their list of 923 down by 115.

I personally feel at least 12.46% safer today than I did yesterday. Thanks, SPLC!

The first round was dedicated mainly to consolidating duplicate listings — the same group being listed twice, or multiple chapters of a group being listed invididually. Only three listings were actually questioned — the Feeneyite cultists in New Hampshire, and two stores in South Carolina.

This is a great start, folks, but let’s keep digging! Let’s expose all those haters out there! With eight states down, that still leaves us 49 42 to go, and there’s no reason why you can’t double-check someone else’s work on your own state!

And if you need more incentive, then how about this:

Let’s do it for Dane.

(Details below the fold)

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Mississippi: Original total 25, seven duplicates eliminated
New Hampshire: Original total 5, one duplicate eliminated, one questionable listing (same) eliminated
New Jersey: Original total 44, 27 duplicates eliminated
North Carolina: Original total 29, 16 duplicates eliminated
Ohio: Original total 27, 14 duplicates eliminated
South Carolina: Original total 36, 24 duplicates eliminated, two questionable listings eliminated
Virginia: Original total 22, seven duplicates eliminated
West Virginia: Original total 13, five duplicates eliminated

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