"Very spiritual" and "good person" shoots 3 at Philly plant

2 dead,1 in critical condition:

“She’s not a loose cannon. She’s a hard worker, works very hard. She’s very spiritual.”

Kenneth Dorsey says the woman accused of killing two co-workers and critically injuring a third at the Kraft plant in Northeast Philly is a good person. And so were the two women she’s accused of gunning down with a .357 Magnum, just minutes after she’d been suspended and escorted from the building.

Dorsey’s been at the plant for 37 years and worked on the third floor with the three victims and the alleged shooter, Yvonne Hiller.

“They had argued, from what I was told, they argued,” Dorsey told NBC10’s Rosemary Connors after the shootings Thursday night.

“I had just started my job, you know and I heard like bang, bang, but you hear noises everyday at a bakery so you don’t pay any mind.” Then a co-worker yelled, “Come on, you got to leave now! She’s shooting.”

After the shootings, Hiller holed up in an office on the second floor where the SWAT team found her after co-workers who were hiding in the office next door tipped off building security.

“I never thought in my deepest heart that it would come down to this,” Dorsey said.

Piece runs with 11 paragraphs…  in the 9th, we learn she’s a Muslim.

Nothing to see here folks… please move along.

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