Dan Benishek pulling away from Gary McDowell in MI01?

It is definitely looking that way. According to a poll by TargetPoint, Republican Dan Benishek has a significant lead over Democrat Gary McDowell, 54 to 31 percent:

According to this survey, “…67% of the voters would prefer a congressman who will act as a check and a balance on the Obama/Pelosi agenda. Less than one-quarter of the district wants a congressman who will help implement that agenda. Nearly as strong is their desire for an outsider to go to Washington and represent their beliefs. By a two-to-one margin, 56%-28%, voters prefer a congressman who comes from outside government and politics as opposed to a candidate who has experience as a state legislator in Lansing.”

Campaign spokesman Trent Benishek said, “The baseless attack ad released by the DCCC is evidence that they are panicking and see the same poll numbers we do. Precious resources are being wasted in a failed attempt to scare seniors and distort the record of an Iron Mountain doctor who has served Northern Michigan for almost three decades.”

“These poll numbers reflect the energy and enthusiasm I am seeing all over the First District. The people are responding to my call to cut taxes, cut spending, and cut government regulation,” Dr. Benishek stated. “The scare tactics being used by my opponent are a desperate attempt to distract voters from the painful reality that Mr. McDowell has voted for numerous tax increases that have cost thousands of Michiganders their jobs.”
Real Clear Politics picked up the poll and wrote, “Interestingly, the MI-01 poll is pretty consistent with a We Ask America poll from a few weeks back. This one looks like it could be getting away from the Democrats.”  Let’s hope this lead not only continues but increases. The folks of Michigan’s First Congressional District will be well-served by a Congressman Dan Benishek.

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