Rhetorical ridiculousness

What follows is supposed to be erudition.  It’s supposed to be enlightenment.  We’re all supposed to rise to this level of intellect.  This is, according to the elite, what passes as brilliance:

Coming our way via John at VerumSerum who adds:

I try to deal fairly with opinions of all kinds. Sometimes people whose ideas I disagree with make a sound point. It’s self-destructive to pretend otherwise. And then there’s the kind of willful stupidity that you hear in this interview. As I’ve pointed out before, even Christian bashing author Sam Harris has called this line of reasoning a fraud. Point being, you don’t have to be a fan of religion or Christianity to see a difference between Islam and evangelicalism. You just have to be honest and sane.

The attempt to suggest that America’s evangelicals pose as big a threat as radical Islamists accomplishes at least two things.

First, and perhaps foremost, the danger posed by extremist Muslims is minimized, an incredibly stupid and perilous thing to do, an act that emboldens the enemy and leads to the loss of innocent life.

Second, and more obvious, it cements the notion that so much of leftist thought today is vaccuous, shallow and unthinking.

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