Koran burning church linked to Westboro Baptist

All the more reason to stand against the event planned for 9/11 this year:

Cults tend to be very upfront about the bulk of their beliefs. There are some special bits of knowledge that you will only gain on the inside, and some of those insider tidbits can be nasty indeed, but mostly they’ll gladly tell you what they believe, and why you should believe it. Once that meant selling cassettes and getting newsletter subscriptions if you were a small operation. These days it means a web siteFacebook, your own You Tube channel, and podcasts for both your sermons and something called “The Braveheart Show.” You even have your own Blog, and that’s where I found the smoking gun:

On Sunday April 18, Westboro Baptist Church came to Gainesville. One of their stops was a liberal “Open doors, open hearts, open minds,” church near us, so we took part of our Sunday Service time and went as a church to stand with them.

The full blog post pulled up last night, but seems hard to get to today, possibly because of blog traffic. The Google cache is here. Is the opening paragraph out of context? You judge:

We have also learned that when you speak out about what God hates, you will be hated. We do not agree with all of Westboro’s methods, but we admire their determination to find radical ways to preach the truth of the Bible, as we do. Most churches and Pastors in America try to stand on neutral ground. They are lost, weak and sick and need to repent.

The parallels between this event and the Ground Zero Mosque are pretty obvious… the right to do what is desired exists beyond a reasonable doubt in either case but whether or not it’s the right and decent thing to do is the bigger question.

And who the parties are linking arms with is also relevant.

As we learn more about this church in Florida, we learn more about why it is we should stand against their planned event.

Decency calls for them to stand down on the Koran burning.

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