So, What's The Problem?

I’ve always said that if something is a “right,” then there shouldn’t be any reason to justify why one is exercising it. Simply saying “because I felt like it” should be the only explanation one should ever be obligated to offer.

For about 40 years, the left — especially the feminists — have insisted that abortion is a “right.” And as such, any restrictions are simply intolerable.

Even the most reasonable restrictions are attacked. Girls too young to get a tattoo or accept an aspirin from a school nurse without parental consent are entitled to abortions without said parents even being notified. Abortions at any time during the pregnancy, right up until moments before birth, are completely justified. And expressing even the slightest trepidations on the issue of “abortion on demand, regardless of the circumstances” is enough to have the feminists denounce you as wanting all women reduced to chattel.

Well, two stories in the past week have me intensely curious about the opinions of the feminist movement.

The first was in the Boston Globe.
There, the author discussed how appalled she was that abortion in India was being used by parents for fetal sex selection. The parents see sons as assets, and daughters as burdens, so they’re exercising their right to choose to get rid of female fetuses in hopes of having sons.

The second article was from CNN, and was about the same phenomenon going on in China.

Think about that. The pro-choice crowd touts abortion as the most important issue for women, the main thing that keeps women from being a slave, are now facing the uncomfortable fact that abortion is now being used as a de facto form of genocide against women.

This should come as no surprise. If one argues that abortion should always be legal, no matter the reason, then you’re going to have do accept that sometimes the reasons include “we don’t want a daughter, we want a son.” In fact, in a lot of cases around the world, that’s proving to be increasingly common.

Congratulations, “feminists.” You’ve sown the wind, and this is the whirlwind you’re reaping.

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