Answering Union Influence in Elections — The Concord Project GOTV

Today The Concord Project launches.

On November 2nd, Americans will, once again, head to the ballot box in what may be the most important election facing this nation’s future in at least a generation. As in all elections, the outcome will be determined by those who actually vote–which is why it’s called Getting Out The Vote or GOTV.

In a moment, a powerful tool will be shared with you that is being launched today. It’s called The Concord Project and it is an extraordinary tool that ordinary, hard-working Americans can use to take their country back in November.

As unions collect well over $13 billion per year in union dues (from the private sector alone), it’s been estimated that unions spent upwards of $1 billion on the 2008 elections. In addition, the AFL-CIO (which is a federation of 56 national unions) boasted of putting 250,000 boots on the ground in targeted states in 2008.

This year, however, the unions are trying to beat what they did in 2008. The AFL-CIO has announced it will spend more than it did in 2008 and has created a firewall strategy targeting 27 states to prevent huge losses of its union bought politicians.

Read the rest of the post for additional staggering figures and for a plan to combat all that money and organization.

Back in May, as we discussed the GOTV of unions and the special interests, a suggestion was made to organize a Get Out the Vote for ordinary Americans who love their country, don’t like big government, socialism or the special interests that are bankrupting the nation. The question was: how?

The answer was simple: Organize a GOTV where all the disparate, but like-minded individuals, activists, and groups could work together, learn about GOTV and coordinate their activities. It was a task, like most, that is easier said than done, to be sure. However, the concept is simple:

Whether individuals are tea party activists, NRA, GOA, VFW, or bikers; whether they belong to churches, knitting clubs, bowling leagues, or the ivy league, if people work together, they can do amazing things through an organized GOTV effort.

Go to The Concord Project website, Twitter and Facebook pages to learn more.

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