Eugene Robinson dismisses voters as spoiled brats

Eugene Robinson, under the guise of nonpartisan criticism, says the anger voters feel toward Democrats is nothing more than more than a childish temper tantrum. It’s not that they are reacting rationally and predictably to the Democrats’ arrogance and elitism. No, according to Eugene Robinson, the only possible reason is the voters’ out-of-control emotions.

The American people are angry because President Obama presented himself as a centrist during the campaign, but upon taking office almost immediately he started governing as a radical leftist. They are angry because Obama pushed and Democrats in Congress passed a nearly one trillion dollar stimulus package because they said it was necessary to keep unemployment below 8 percent; it sent the unemployment rate soaring to nearly 10 percent . Voters are angry because those same Democrats blatantly ignored them and passed ObamaCare when they made it crystal clear they didn’t want it. None of this is on Robinson’s radar screen; instead, he chalks up voters’ anger to irrationality. The Democrats and the liberals who support them dismiss the voters again at their own peril.

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Update: For those who say Robinson never called the American voters spoiled brats, please read his op-ed about which he was speaking on Morning Joe, entitled “The Spoiled-brat American electorate.” Allahpundit’s post was the source for this one, which was why I linked to him and not to Robinson directly. Next time I will include a link to an original source since some commenters had difficulty finding it at Allahpundit’s post.

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