Proof: Democrats at Fault for the Recession

We’ve all heard the mantra before, repeatedly. George W. Bush almost single-handedly destroyed the economy with his “tax cuts for the rich” while letting the “poor get poorer.” Now it appears that the evidence has fallen away from that argument.

Has anyone else noticed that almost from the first day the Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007 the economy was at first shaky and then collapsed. Well, there is a summary of what has happened and who is to blamed.

Under the Democrats, unemployment started to balloon. It stated to climb, rising past 4.5%, past 5%, past 6%, and past 6.5%, all the way to 8.5% by the time they had been in office for just two years. By then, President Obama had been inaugurated, and unemployment continued to rise as spending increased. This chart explains, in depth, the bills Democrats passed, and the effects they had from November 2006-March 2010 (click for a sharper, bigger image):

For the complete rundown of how the economy faltered and fell due to the policies of the Democrats (including more graphs) check out the main article.

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