On Obama's Iraq Speech

Rick already provided a link to the speech and some excerpts. I’ll just add a bit of commentary. Jim Hoft’s headline is a good summary of my take: Pathetic Cut-&-Runner Takes Credit For Victory.

There are times I think Obama has to “get it” by now. He has to realize that the ony way he is going to save his miserable political future is to find some humility and admit that his policies have failed. He has to realize that it would go a long way to restoring some confidence in him and would help his approval ratings if he would just admit that the economy is in the crapper and it is largely due to the failure of the policies he has enacted. Maybe he will admit it is at least partially due to those policies? Or maybe that at the very least, his policies have not improved things as he promised?

Anyone waiting to see that side of Obama — the side that would make him appear honest and human and in touch with reality — might just be waiting forever. More proof was there last night that, as John McCain put it, such behavior is just not in his DNA. By failing to credit George Bush with success in Iraq, or to acknowledge his own vote against the surge which achieved such success, he just showed me he is still just about as arrogant, dishonest and insecure as a politician could be. (And yes, a person can be arrogant and insecure at the same time.)

It was not a huge surprise that he would not admit he was wrong about Iraq. Jim Hanson described what the consequences of Obama’s preferred course of action in Iraq would have been:

He should man up and admit that he was wrong about every single thing he said about the Iraq War while he was in the Senate and he should thank President Bush for being resolute enough to ignore him, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the cut and run chorus. If we had followed the advice of then Sen. Obama, we would have lost the war and al Qaeda and the Iranians would be carving it up between them.

Will Obama’s arrogance and unwillingness to admit the reality everyone else (except evidently MSNBC talk show hosts) can see with their own two eyes, be his undoing? I think maybe it already has been.

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