My Message To Moderate Muslims

This might be a good time for you to shut up.

For years, the “moderate Muslims” have softly denounced the radicals among their faith, while insisting that they not be blamed for their deeds. And that has been a good survival strategy — let’s face it, the radical Muslims are quite ready to ensure complicity with violence. Radical Muslims have killed far more of their fellow Muslims than they have of we infidels. “Go along to get along” is a good way to keep from getting shot, beheaded, blown up, poisoned, hanged, stoned, dropped in a shredder, or killed in other, more exotic fashions that psychos are always cooking up. “Don’t piss off the crazy people” is almost always good advice.

In this case, though, it’s being applied in a tremendously short-sighted way. Because, as Laurence Simon noted, when it comes to absolute batshit psycho craziness, the radical Muslims are purely amateurs compared to us when we’re pissed.

Fortunately, it takes a hell of a lot for us to get that crazy. Pearl Harbor did it. 9/11 didn’t. And some say that we’ve outgrown that potential.

Maybe we have, but don’t bet on it.

Which is what you are doing. You’re saying that you’re more confident that you’ll be safer in not pissing off the radical Muslims than you will be with us.

In the short term, siding against America is usually the safest bet. But in the long term, it will come back and bite you on the ass.

North Korea fought us to a stalemate. Look at how they are today.

North Vietnam arguably beat us. Look what that victory won them.

The Soviet Union threatened us for decades. Look at how that ended.

Japan and Germany set out to take over their world. By the time we were done working them over, they became two of the most peaceful, least aggressive nations on earth. And consequently, their economies flourished.

Moderate Muslims, you have a choice to make. Do you want to stake your future with us, who have a proven record of winning, and won’t kill you? Do you want to stand with the radicals, who end up slaughtering any they even suspect of not agreeing with them 100% all the time, and end up being destroyed?

Or do you want to continue to stand around and wring your hands, hoping to find a happy medium between the two sides, and praying that neither side will ever win a decisive enough victory that you will be called upon to account for your absence in the struggle?

Join us. Stand with us. Identify and denounce and root out the cancer on your faith. Help bring about the “Reformation” that Judaism and Christianity each experienced that allowed them to outgrow their aggressive phase and learn how to get along with the rest of the world.

Go ahead, take your time. There’s no real rush. There’s no sign that the US is about to snap, like it did in December 1941.

But there will be very little warning before it does happen.

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