Apology Expected

All of the discussion about last night’s Presidential address on the situation in Iraq — particularly the expected omission of any significant recognition of the work done by the previous administration, and the refusal by Democrats to discuss or acknowledge their firm opposition to the Bush Iraq strategy — has gotten me thinking about some of the events of the last few years.

When things started going badly in Iraq, the Democrats and the mainstream press (forgive the redundancy) repeatedly demanded that President Bush should admit that Iraq was a “quagmire” and that there was no realistic plan for “withdrawal”. They worked tirelessly to label all our efforts toward re-establishing control in Iraq as “failures,” and insisted that President Bush take personal responsibility for everything that was wrong in Iraq and — let’s just be honest here — pretty much everything that was wrong in the world.

Then it all happened again after Hurricane Katrina.

And President Bush was “arrogant” for not donning sack cloth and covering himself in ashes during a prime time Presidential Address, while begging our forgiveness for being the dumbest, most incompetent leader in the history of Western Civilization.

Now consider for a moment how things have been going for the past two years. Economy? In the tank, with a double-dip recession closing in fast. Closing of Guantanamo Bay and “fair” trials for terror detainees? Stuck in bureaucratic red tape and bungled policies. Legislative initiatives? Rammed through on party-line votes, with up to 70% of Americans disapproving of health care reform, which is supposed to be the centerpiece of the Obama legacy. Unity? We have the most bitterly partisan Congressional leadership and tone-deaf Congressmen in decades. Fiscal responsibility? The biggest deficits and debt load of any American administration. Anti-terrorism? Only dumb luck saved us from the Underwear Bomber, and it was vigilant authorities in Amsterdam who were responsible for recently detaining two Yemeni men on a terrorism “practice run”, after American security cleared them.

I could go on, but you get the picture. What happened to hope, change, healing, restoration, and deliverance? As a Messiah, Barack Obama has turned out to be one of the most dismal failures of all time. And as our Chief Executive … well, let’s just say his performance is consistent.

So I ask you, pundits, mainstream press reporters, and celebrities — isn’t it about time to start demanding apologies?

If you all don’t, I’ll bet that the Tea Party and smart conservatives will.

And thanks to the Bush Administration precedent, they have every right obligation to do it.

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