When The Phone Don't Ring, You Know It's The White House

Arizona’s governor, Jan Brewer, ought to have her phones checked.

Last night, she said that she had no idea that Arizona’s illegal immigration law was featured in the Obama administration’s report on “human rights concerns” within the US to the UN’s Human Rights Council.

This is reminiscent of how the Obama administration handled its legal challenges to the law: they never bothered to talk to Arizona officials at that time, either, instead just doing their communicating through press releases and court filings.

It’s not legally required for them to notify Arizona when it does things like this, but it is considered courteous and professional to give them a heads-up when they do.

Perhaps Arizona should look into doing some things that does get the Obama administration’s attention and willingness to engage in discussions. They’re neighbors with New Mexico and Nevada, and I believe both states have nuclear weapons test ranges they’re not using. If Arizona were to say it was looking at building nuclear weapons, and opened talks with leasing out White Sands and the Nevada National Security Site, then perhaps they’d be treated with a bit more respect — the kind the Obama administration currently reserves for states like Iran and North Korea.

Hey, it’s not like the Obama administration could end up disliking Arizona any more than they already do…

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