Hypocrites, Run Amok

OK, I had to jump on the “hypocrites” bandwagon. So sue me.

Last Saturday, there were two “dueling” rallies in DC. Glenn Beck held his “Restoring Honor” event at the Lincoln Memorial, and Al Sharpton put on his “Reclaim The Dream” event… elsewhere.

Most people who don’t like Beck are focusing on the political context and subtext of his event. Which is rather odd, considering that Beck had stated, explicitly and repeatedly, that he was trying to avoid politics with the event. He asked people to not bring any political signs, and big-name guest Sarah Palin spoke not as a politician, but as the mother of an Iraq veteran.

But that doesn’t matter. In the eyes of the media powers that be, there is nothing that the likes of Beck and Palin can do that is not “political.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Sharpton managed to pull about 3,000 people to his event. (Roughly 10% 1% of what the most reliable estimates of Beck’s crowd say. I’d bet there were more black people at Beck’s rally than in Sharpton’s entire crowd.) But Sharpton’s event gets billed as a “civil rights” gathering, not a political one.

Why shouldn’t the political aspects of Sharpton’s rally not be played up?

Sharpton is always credited as “Reverend,” but he’s a former Democratic candidate for president.

Among the sponsors (formal and informal) of Sharpton’s event were quite a few highly political groups.

The SEIU, currently the most politically powerful union in the US, which spent millions in the last election and is essentially Obama’s thugs of choice.

— La Raza, the Hispanic political action group that — when not careful — gets caught advocating reunification of California, Arizona, and New Mexico with Mexico.

— The New Black Panther Party. Do I really need to go there?

— The United States Department of Education, whose secretary sent out an e-mail “requesting” department employees attend the event.

— Media Matters For America. Again, do I need to go there?

— The NAACP, which stepped on its own crank with golf shoes when Andrew Breitbart released the infamous Shirley Sherrod video.

— Ed Schultz, professional psychopath and part-time radio talk show and MSNBC host.

— Former Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, moonbat extraordinaire.

The “Reclaim the Dream” rally had two defining characteristics that seemed to escape the attention of the national media: it was overtly political, and it was an epic failure. It was a slapdash attempt to draw attention away from Beck’s explicitly non-partisan gathering, and it went precisely nowhere. Despite all the astroturfing expertise and money behind the “wretched hive of scum and villainy,” they couldn’t pull together more than a couple thousand people.

And I’d wager that a decent chunk of them — most likely, the SEIU purple-shirted thugs — were paid to do so.

And who was willing to note that Sharpton’s gathering was “overwhelmingly black?”

This is the unspoken narrative: conservative activists are ALWAYS partisan, all the time. Everything they do is “tainted” with their politics. But leftists who engage in the rankest political stunts are allowed to be “non-partisan” and “set aside politics,” even when they’re attacking their political foes.

Hypocrisy, indeed.

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