Hypocrites, One And All

(Been a rough week for me. Too many hands on my time, and my posting suffered for it. I really wanted to comment on the “Restoring Honor” rally sponsored by Glenn Beck when it happened, but now that is has, looking back to examine what the expectations were by its detractors proves much more instructive than what was said about it afterward.)

Old news.

Glenn Beck held his “Restoring Honor” rally at the National Mall this weekend.

The rally was, by any measure, quite the success. Officially held from 10am to 1pm, tens of thousands of people participated, who helped to raise more than $5 million dollars for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

White devil bastards.

Here is the event description, taken from www.glennbeck.com/828 :

Throughout history America has seen many great leaders and noteworthy citizens change her course. It is through their personal virtues and by their example that we are able to live as a free people. On August 28, come celebrate America by honoring our heroes, our heritage and our future.

Join the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and many more for this non-political event that pays tribute to America’s service personnel and other upstanding citizens who embody our nation’s founding principles of integrity, truth and honor.

Our freedom is possible only if we remain virtuous. Help us restore the values that founded this great nation. On August, 28th, come join us in our pledge to restore honor at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

That’s it.

There were a few requests of what visitors were allowed to and not allowed to bring as per the National Park Service, out of security concerns.

One of the few requests asked directly of the organizers was there be no political signs, which, from most reports, was honored.

Beck spoke about his feeling that the country has veered away from virtue, mainly virtue obtained by a belief in and closeness to God.

Such hateful speech.

Sarah Palin talked of the special pride she felt from being the mother of a combat soldier.

Evil, vile words.

Obviously spoken by people who purely wished to take away the historical meaning and vision of a colorblind society preached by Dr. King 47 years ago.

Now, instead of finding out what liberals, especially leaders within the black community had to say about the event afterwards, it would be more useful to juxtapose what actually happened against what were the “expectations” of the harmonious black liberals to whom race is not an issue of politics, but one of deeds and actions. These fair-minded, colorblind leaders spoke of their heartfelt concerns regarding what we were all going to see and just how racially divisive the “Restoring Honor” rally was to be.

Here are what some said was to be expected from this rally. Or, more to the point, what they wished would be said:

-“I hope that’s not what he’s trying to do. I hope that this is a coincidence,” Jealous said. “But more than anything, I hope that he, having chosen this day and this locations, pushes himself to really honor the unifying legacy of Dr. King.” (Ben Jealous, President, NAACP)

-“We will not stand silent as some seek to bamboozle Dr. King’s dream,” said Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League. “We reclaim the dream of Dr. King for the 21st century. We reclaim this dream because we are here to say we must be one nation. We stand on the shoulders of our fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers.”

-Cynthia Butler-McIntyre, national president of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, said the racial divisions between the rallies show that America has not yet become the “post-racial society” some claim it to be. “We came today to say that is a lie and the truth is not in it,” she said.

-Avis Jones DeWeever, executive director of the National Council of Negro Women, drew thunderous roars when she challenged those gathered to stand up for their place. “Don’t let anyone tell you that they have the right to take their country back,” she said. “It’s our country, too. We will reclaim the dream. It was ours from the beginning.”

-Jaime Contreras, president of SEIU-32BJ, said those gathered at the Mall with Beck “represent angry white people and hate-mongering.” He added: “We will not let them stand in the way of the change we voted for!”

-Reverend Al Sharpton organized a “counter-rally” with the above citizens, telling CNN that Beck was mimicking King and “humiliating the tradition.”

-The Rev. Walter Fauntroy, who formerly represented the District of Columbia in the U.S. House, said Beck’s rally organizers “seized the hallowed ground of the 47th anniversary … to promote their universal vision of exclusion.”

-“Their purpose is to turn the clock back in a time in America” when blacks and other minorities lacked rights, he said.

-“It would be wrong for us to allow those who espouse the universal value of exclusion to hijack the site and the message of that marvelous day and to use it against the very vision that Martin Luther King Jr. articulated so magnificently,” he said.

Yep. The whole Beck event was a determined effort to “turn the clock back” to a time when we had water fountains for whites and blacks, back of the bus segregation, and a whole underclass of ignant, cotton-pickin’ slaves.


This is what they profess to believe America has become.

Most of these influential black representatives are somehow involved with black churches. Is this what they teach to their flocks?

Just take a second to re-read what these people, who profess to be pillars of racial harmony, told thier followers to expect out of this event.

The most unfortunate aspect that comes from this type of blanket ignorance is not that it should or should not be surprising to anybody that these people believe this garbage, but that the people who listen to these voices don’t have anything to say for themselves. They go along with it and except it because that is what is expected of them.

Do not the black people, to whom these immoral and forked-tongued racists speak, have the desire to condemn the type of racial division these “leaders” espouse and expect?

It can’t be solely political demagoguery cloaked in black religious outrage used for divisive purposes.

Can it?

Hypocrites, Indeed
Please, God, Don't Let Them Screw It Up