Dispatches From The Mirror Universe

Yesterday, noted left-wing race-baiter, agitator, and demagogue Al Sharpton held a poorly-attended rally in Washington, DC, in an attempt to “reclaim the Dream” of Dr. Martin Luther King on the 47th anniversary of his famous speech calling for a truly color-blind society.

Sharpton, whose demagoguery has triggered race riots that have killed at least nine people, tried but failed to lure even a single member of Dr. King’s family to attend the event. In the end, Sharpton’s overwhelmingly black audience barely numbered 3,000 — roughly one percent the number of Americans who answered the call of activist and conservative community organizer Glenn Beck, whose deliberately non-partisan “Restoring Honor” rally utterly dwarfed Sharpton’s.

Sharpton, in fierce defiance to reality, called his “Reclaim The Dream” an overwhelming success.

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