How Does It Feel?

The Democratic strategy for winning, or at least, minimizing losses during the 2010 mid-term election, consists of three things:

1) Blame Bush

2) Keep calling the Republican representatives in Congress “The Party of No.”

3) Blame Bush

The Congress has been choked by Democrats since January of 2007. Obama has had the reigns of the White House since January of 2009.

This is a what a political pundit would call a true mandate for the party in power. As secure as that may sound, the sincerity of it is as fickle as the values upon which it stands. And right now, the Democrats are about as sincere as a Bernie Madoff mea culpa.

It is also why trying to brand the Republican party as the “Party of No” just has no logical validity to it.

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Take the “Health Care Summit,” held at Obama’s request, intended to showcase just how disingenuous Republicans were in their opposition to it. The presentation blew up in his face when the Republicans showed they had a firm grasp of the issue, presented their own version of health care reform, and voiced valid concerns over what Obama and his gang in Congress actually desired to force upon us. The Dems thought the Republicans would just look like defenseless hacks, yet they came across as the party which consisted of smart, sincere ideas, that have been hidden by the long, dark shadow cast by a Democratic giant.

To help aid their defensive posture over something which they believed the ignorant American voter would glaze over, the bulk of “Obamacare” doesn’t come to effect until 2014. Either Obama will be in or out, with or without the Democratic majority. They either will have another election cycle to downplay the mess, or they will place failure on Republicans, in control or not, and will continue to go along with the farce of Republican obstructionism.

Even the most simple minded liberal, if honest, can understand that Republicans cannot obstruct the Democratic agenda because THE REPUBLICANS ARE IN THE MINORITY!

Does anybody with a pulse actually believe that Republicans, in a Democratically infested Congress, have ANY say in what the Congress and “Professional Left” have rammed through the bowels of law-making with the approval of Obama? If you are an elected Republican right now, you are treated like a political pariah by Democratic members of each house of Congress, President Obama, and the liberal press. None of your ideas will be used. None will see the light of day. All the Republicans can do, if they disagree with the liberal agenda, is show their own objections to the left’s draconian, bankrupting, socialistic plans, say no and voice their opinion against an agenda long desired by liberals. While doing so, Republicans can only hope that what they have to say will somehow reach the American people.

The 5th anniversary of Katrina is close at hand. Wait and see just how often the Democrats will try to brand Bush, and by association, Republicans, as what went wrong with the immediate response. No matter the Democratic Governor of Louisiana and the local elected officials (NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin, especially, even though he was inexplicably voted in for ANOTHER term after his disastrous Katrina response.) were woefully negligent in the proper handling of precautionary safety protocol and were ignorant that a chain of command even existed for a threat of this magnitude. Democrats believe that Bush=Katrina=America.

The difference this time is, there is ample evidence that the failures which lead to the devastation were due to the failings of the Army Corps of Engineers. As much as Democrats like to live in revisionist history, Bush tried to get the state and local governments to do their jobs, so the resources of the Federal government would not be swamped by the storm surge of incompetence at the local level. And Obama’s got his own little problem with his terrible management and his abysmal public showings with the Gulf Oil disaster: Not one bought by an act of God, but man-made. One which could have potentially been averted if Obama and his Interior Secretary Ken Salazar didn’t give BP a pass on environmental reports or “categorical exclusions” for the Deepwater Horizon rig.

Of course, the secret that doesn’t get told is that Obama received more campaign money from BP than any other President, EVER.

His bumbling, aloof attitude just bolstered the notion that he has no ability to handle crisis. If Bush got lambasted by liberals for remaining calm for seven minutes in front of a room full of kindergärtners when he was told about the 9/11 attacks (no doubt Bush was subsystem at that point to the procedures of the Secret Service), then it took Obama almost two weeks to read his own version of “My Pet Goat” during what THEY all branded as the worst natural disaster in our history. (And was it really the worst? I always thought maybe the Dust Bowls of the early 20th century could have been regarded a bit more devastating. Of course you can’t demonize a dust storm like you can the Oil industry.)

And, just an after thought: Imagine what type of pickle we’d be in if on 9/11 Algore had been President instead of Bush… (shudder..)

A duplicitous media, the “professional left,” and a party devoid of any accomplishments of which they can be proud, will, once again, hammer away at these issues. It’s already starting with Katrina. MSNBC is airing a 5 year anniversary special, at which both Rachel MadCow and Dead Schultz will be anchoring their unbiased shows.

They will try to dupe you, once again, into believing that Bush started this downward spiral, though Congress, the branch which actually controls the flow of money and where it will be spent, has been in control of both branches for FOUR years, and did whatever they wanted during the last two years of Bush’s lame-duck presidency.

Nothing the Democrats or Obama has done since gaining control of power, can be hoisted above the din of political brinkmanship, to receive a heart-felt standing ovation from the American people.

Everything they have done has been unveiled to be well coordinated attempts to garner more power. To intertwine a distorted, ideological agenda into the fabric of our politics and laws so deeply that any attempt by Republicans to clean up the mess will be like un-baking a cake. One laced with arsenic.

Obama, after years allowing the spigot of illegals to flow freely to this country, has acquiesced to use the National Guard to help secure our border. He has branded Arizona as racist for enforcing and passing their own immigration laws, yet, with a terrible mid-term election looming in the next few months, suddenly, when this issue gains national traction, and the country blames the Government, (i.e., Democrats) as being soft on the issue, does he use this tactic. It is, of course, another half-assed measure to claim some sort of action. Obama has decided to send 1,200 National Guard troops to help man a land boarder 2,000 miles long. Nothing at all to do with the fact that his party will be trounced in November, and this issue will surely be a hot button issue. (Imagine a WHITE President deciding to do even this? He, along with every Republican, would be branded as “angry white males” who are racist toward those with brown-colored skin.)

Will Obama, being the one who authorized the National Guard to conduct interdictions, be branded a racist now? Will La Raza rise up against him? Will he be held in contempt for practicing legislative racism against those with skin a little less brown as his?

Obama promised all troops out of Iraq. Yet, he decided to leave 50,000 in a place which just months before operated on 150,000. None of these figures include thousands of Americans, including intelligence agents, CIA agents, trainees, Special Forces, and whoever else we may have there.

But, his political base, or the “Professional left” has been shredding his heels over the issue of troop pull-outs. So he conjures up another half-assed measure from his bag of magic words and decides that 1 out of every 3 soldiers can come home.

Think of that one. You are a soldier in Iraq, who, just days ago, was part of a force 150,000 strong, and now you are left to deal with the same problems with just 33% of your fellow soldiers left.

But, that’s not what you campaigned on…. Oh, never mind.

The stimulus bill, which was supposed to head off unemployment at no higher than 8%, “save or create” (there’s those magic words again!) millions of jobs, “shovels at the ready,” and $862 BILLION dollars later HAD to be passed. Result: We now have close to 10% unemployment, new home sales dropped a record 12.4%, and new unemployment claims “unexpectedly” rise every month by the hundreds of thousands. It would seem the only industry to have had a burst of short term growth would have been shovel-makers.

This man was billed as the candidate of “Hope and Change.”

Upon reflection, for all of you liberals and independents who were taken in by this, Greek columns, and all of the slick, focus-grouped rhetoric, I have a question for you:

How exactly do you feel about your decision now?

I’m not asking the rabid left, like the 30% who believe that our government had a hand in 9/11 and will cut off a limb before voting Republican. I mean the people who were sincere about their voting, enough so they really believed what they were being sold by Obama and his oily propaganda ministers (The ones whose jobs it was to convince you of his abilities.).

How do you feel now?

How do you feel that race has become a central point of Obama’s narrative. If the supposed “angry white males” didn’t vote for him, he may have lost. Back then, you were considered part of the machine of hope. Now, you have been tossed aside. Broad-brushed as racists. Many of you are of the generation of WWII. You fought for us. Worked in factories for the cause of righteousness. You were once hailed by Democrats as the “Greatest Generation.” And now? You have been lumped into a voting block considered too blinded by a man’s skin color, your vote deemed not worth courting.

Now that you have seen bailout after bailout of Wall Street firms and banks, do you approve of the way in which Obama has filled his ranks with the same people who ran these institutions into financial killing fields?

You have seen the bailout of the American auto-industry, which was not about saving jobs, but ensuring that the powerful base of union voters would feel they had no choice but to accept Obama as their savior. (As if to unintentionally prove a point, Ford, the only company to have not accepted any bailout money, is financially the most sound and prosperous of them all.)

How do you feel now, when you hear “a trillion dollars,” and it virtually means nothing, eliciting a shrug of the shoulders, and hearing “Oh well. What can you do?” And in making “a trillion dollars” seem so matter of fact, 20, 30, 40, 80, 100 BILLION seems acceptable now.

He inherited a $400 billion dollar debt from Bush, primarily because of TARP and funding for the War on Terror, and now he has QUADRUPLED that amount in a mere 18 months.

It was our tax dollars, and it will be our tax dollars, expected by the Democrats to pay Chinese creditors, to which we owe a stomach-churning $800,000,000,000.

Do you have any of that money? Me? Your friends and family? Are small businesses popping up around you? Do you feel any more financially secure? If you needed a well-paying job, are you confident that you could find one in short order, one which would provide for your family, pay your bills, and provide health care?

Do still feel “hope” when you see Obama?” “Change?” “YES WE CAN!” still produce tingles up the back of your leg?

You’ve been had. Had by a master manipulator. A political neophyte who used your anger and angst against you, blinding you by slick teleprompted speeches, twisting your sincere faith in this country’s ability to do the right thing to garner a vote. Do you feel you were lied to?

How do you feel?

Redemption is a voting booth away.

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