The Oppressed Care To Dissent

During the whole Ground Zero Mosque mess, one sticking point has been the name of the new place. Originally, it was going to be named after the Great Mosque of Cordoba, but the backers dropped the name “Cordoba House” and went for the exceptionally creative “Park51” — named in honor of its street address of 51 Park Place. The backers are still using the name “Cordoba Initiative,” however.

According to them, this is to hearken back to the halcyon days when much of southern Europe was occupied and controlled by Muslims, and Cordoba was one of the most important cities in Al-Andalus. At that time, according to this story, the Jews and Christians lived happily under the rule of the Muslims, all of them singing Kumbayah (or whatever the Arabic equivalent would be).

But it seems that they weren’t all shiny happy dhimmis living in Cordoba. They kept records, too, of their time as subjects of their Islamic masters — and some of those records have survived to this day.

Now, I’m sure that the Christians of that era weren’t the most tolerant of masters to their Jewish and Muslim subjects, but that doesn’t mean that the Islamic rule was preferable. Especially since it was achieved and sustained by the sword.

That seems to be a common thread in Islamic relations to non-Islamic peoples: “Everything will be just fine — as long as you let us run things and live by our rules.”

That seems to be the way to get along with Muslims — just submit to them. Let them have their way, respect their ways and beliefs. After all, “Islam” means “submission.”

Just never — for an instant — think that your “respect” will ever be reciprocated. Concepts such as “respect” and “tolerance” and “understanding” are strictly one-way streets. They are things due to Islam, not things Islam owes anyone else.

Just ask the martyrs of Cordoba.

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