Obama to affirm JFCOM closure before Congress returns

This will hit our local area hard:

President Obama could approve the decision to close Joint Forces Command in Norfolk before Sept. 1, according to a memo being circulated to local and state officials.

The memo from the Hampton Roads Military and Federal Facilities Alliance does not cite a source, but claims to have “strong evidence” that the controversial move is being fast-tracked.

“There is a package being prepared fairly vigorously to get in front of the president on about September 1 for him to approve the elimination of Joint Forces Command,” said Frank Roberts, executive director of the alliance, when asked about the memo.

Virginia’s congressional delegation has vowed to oppose the closing – even taking it to court — but a Sept. 1 decision means that the commander-in-chief would have signed off before Congress returns from its recess.

Under this scenario, job losses would begin after the start of the new year, the memo says.

JFCOM itself employs about 5,600 people in Hampton Roads, the bulk of them civilians or contractors. It has an annual operating budget of nearly $704 million.

U.S. Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott, D- Newport News, said that he has not seen any study and questioned why it would be done in secret. The timing of the move appears designed to circumvent Congress, which is in summer recess.

“The initial announcement was made right after we left town and the decision will be made before we get back,” he said. “It adds to the mystery of it. You ought to be able to have a public discussion.”

Bobby Scott is a liberal’s liberal… and when he’s questioning the secrecy, the lack of transparency (imagine that from this administration), then something is definitely wrong.

Barack Hussein Obama continues his quest to completely redefine America… a redefinition steeped in his radical past.

Hope and change my ass.

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