Looking for irony in the Ground Zero Mosque debate?

You’ve found it right here —

From The Anchoress:

The very people who have no truck with Nativity Scenes in public places at Christmastime are now lecturing the nation about Freedom of Religion. Somehow they want us to believe that a temporary creche displayed in a public space is an insensitive yearly threat to the nation, but that a permanent religious structure looming over our most public failed recovery is neither insensitive nor a threat to our national psyche.

And from Jim Treacher:

After the 2004 election, some lefties branded the U.S. “Jesusland.” Now they’re scrambling to deny rumors that Obama doesn’t love Jesus. Odd, yes?

You really should read all of The Anchoress’ essay, in which she argues (correctly, I believe) that a major factor driving the strong opposition to the construction of the mosque is that nine years after 9/11, Ground Zero remains little more than a large hole in the ground — no memorial, no museum, and no new construction — and there will probably be nothing there a year from now, when we commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The contrast of a brand new mosque adjacent to the Ground Zero site, with a grand opening scheduled for Sept. 11, 2011, would stand as a stark and painful reminder of our inability to rebuild Ground Zero.

In the mean time, though, we can have a good chuckle while watching liberals suddenly become the nation’s foremost defenders of public freedom of worship, and advocates for Christianity.

(A nod to commenter “goddessoftheclassroom” – I changed the verb in the next-to-last paragraph to commemorate )

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