Americans are numbskulls

Joel Achenbach at the Washington Post:

God help us. Could so many Americans really be that dumb, ill-informed, paranoid, gullible and goofy? It must be tricky being Barack Obama, winding down the U.S. presence in volatile Iraq, trying to keep Afghanistan from degenerating, pondering war with Iran, even as, according to the latest bulletin, one in five Americans thinks he is a Muslim.

Why not just believe he’s an alien from outer space? Or a Manchurian Candidate, programmed by, say, the Chinese to bring America to ruin?

Crazy times.

It’s also dismaying that so many Americans are opposed to the mosque near Ground Zero. In America you can worship wherever you want, regardless of religious belief. We protect religious minorities here. This isn’t merely the law: It’s a core value. This goes back to the Pilgrims, I seem to recall. The backers of the mosques are the good guys, the ones who preach tolerance. There should be no hedging on this at all from American leaders: If we can’t allow a mosque in lower Manhattan we might as well close shop for good and turn out the lights.

A lot of times, polls are deceiving, through vague wording, or perhaps by not giving people enough information to start with. For example, the question about the mosque may not have been framed in a way that made clear that this would not be a place to advance the cause of radical Islam, jihad, death-to-the-West, etc. But it’s hard to see how the Obama question could be confusing. Obama is a Christian, and famously attended a Christian church led by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whom no one would take for a Muslim.

Let me get this straight.

We’re to believe that Obama is a Christian because he says so despite having a record of telling one lie after another for expediency’s sake.  And for the record, I’m not saying he isn’t a Christian, but I’ve got to tell you that attending Jeremiah Wright’s church isn’t enough evidence for me.

We’re to believe that the people building the mosque at Ground Zero are the good guys despite the leader of that group blaming Americans for 9/11 and his refusal to state that Hamas is a terrorist organization.

We’re to believe that the mosque builders are the equivalent of modern day Pilgrims.

And if we don’t believe these things, we are numbskulls, ill-informed, paranoid, gullible and goofy.

And yet… interestingly enough… we’re to also believe that the people who voted for this President are somehow the brightest, most intelligent, most highly informed and otherwise most brilliant people to have ever walked the planet.

Cue The Twilight Zone music.

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