Obama's Personal Crusade To Save The Tourism Industry

President Obama is gettin’ outta Dodge next week, readying himself and his royal jewels for another vacation.

Their modest destination: 10 days at the blue collar get-away of Martha’s vineyard.

This on the heels of Queen Michele’s luxurious Spanish retreat with her daughter, Sasha, where she left Barry and Malia behind to hold down the fort during the country’s unquestionable economic resurgence and politically harmonious atmosphere.

As so not to get too lonely on her trip, she bought with her a bevy of her “closest” friends.

While claiming the trip was taken mostly at her own expense, that does not include use of the Air Force jet, Secret Service security paid for by the taxpayer, and her large carbon footprint.

I guess there just was no alternatively attractive destination in the United States for her to vacation. It’s such a boring country of which she has not been proud to call home.

Back to Barry.

Since his term began, Obama has taken 22 vacations totaling 68 days.

This includes none of his time spent attending baseball and basketball games, or playing countless rounds of golf. Jet-setting around the country prostituting his position for fundraising activities for fellow leftists. Throwing lavish state dinners, and being serenaded and ass-kissed by the likes of Sir Paul McCartney.

One can see why, between writing two memoirs, his brief time in the senate was most notable for his penchant to vote “present.” Sort of like a mini mental vacation on a daily basis.

Can’t a President take a vacation when he and his family feels it is a proper time?


However, this President, elected under the mantra of “Hope and Change,” is in charge of a country which is currently in a perpetual state of economic turmoil and political upheaval, much of which has been bought upon by his decisions and the decisions of a Congress which has been in a liberal vice grip since 2007.

This during what his administration has hyped as the greatest economic recession since the Great Depression. He presides over 9.5% unemployment, two ongoing wars, a national environmental disaster in the Gulf billed as the worst in U.S. history, a southern border with illegals pouring through the paths of least resistance, and, most recently, an explosive national discussion concerning the “Ground Zero mosque,” into which Obama needlessly inserted himself with predictable statements last week.

Of course, liberals automatically draw comparisons to what President George W. Bush did as per vacation time spent. And, yes, Bush took his share of them. According to Real Clear Politics, at the same point in his presidency (They do not say whether it was his first or second term), he took “57 vacation trips, which took up all or part of 227 days.” (God forbid they don’t just stick to what Obama has done)

Bush’s vacation time was dealt with a bit differently. Instead of bounding around the country, treating Air Force One as a free taxi service, the majority of his get aways were to his own home in Crawford, Texas, which was set up with enough necessary equipment as per Presidential activities for it to be called the southern White House.

During his working vacations, Bush’s down time was spent quietly traveling the trails on his ranch, and chopping thatch.

Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard trip is estimated to cost $35,000 to $50,000 per week. “The Obamas will pay for at least a portion of the rental, but taxpayer funds will be used to pay for Secret Service and staff housing on the property.”

Let’s face it: Martha’s Vineyard is a wet dream full of rich, leftist, elitists everywhere. It is the Kennedy family’s backyard.

You would think a man like Obama, with ears that could probably pick up Japanese radio, would not be this tone deaf to how these vacations, at such a politically tumultuous time as this, are being perceived by a public which continues to voice their displeasure with how he is conducting himself. (As of this writing, 53% of voters disapprove of his performance.)

While he treats his job as though the world is his own amusement park, his staff minions and fellow demagogues in Congress carry out a series of commands to intertwine radical change in how the government functions, maintaining an Alinsky-like drumbeat, whose cadence is quickly becoming out of step with the rhythm of the nation.

Hopefully, November 2010 will be a warning to Obama that he might want to back off the elaborate down time, because in a PR capacity, these constant rich get-aways serve to remind the electorate of just how aloof he is to their own hardships.

2012 may be the beginning of a permanent vacation for him.

THAT’S a trip worthy of our tax dollars.

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