Me Am Un-Bigot!

I swear, the more I listen to the opponents of the Ground Zero mosque, the more I think I’m reading old Superman comics. Because their talking points are taken straight out of Bizarro World (or Htrae).

“Hmm… me enemy is militant Islam. So me must do everything OPPOSITE of militant Islam! Me must do NOTHING that even seems little like what militant Islam do!”

Any day now, I expect them to start calling for women to have four husbands or something.

Think about it. Under Shariah law, non-Muslim faiths are very tightly controlled — when allowed at all. So, naturally, if we start tightly controlling or banning Islam in the United States, we’re acting just like them.

But that’s not what is happening. That’s not what has ever happened. And almost nobody is calling for that.

Yes, there are some idiots who are calling for the complete banning of Islam, the deportation of all Muslims, and the tearing down of all mosques. But they are few and far between.

No, the vast majority of the anti-Ground-Zero mosque opponents are simply saying “no” to one particular mosque, in one particular place. There is no big movement to shut down the already existing hundred or so mosques in New York City.

The message being sent is simple — perhaps too simple for the political “sophisticates” who are cheering on this mosque. “Not there. Almost anywhere else, but not there.”

And what is prompting that message? Speaking for myself, it is for a multitude of reasons.

1) The building was one of many damaged in the 9/11 attacks, carried out in the name of the god in whom this mosque is being built. The presence of a site consecrated to Allah so close to where thousands of innocents were killed in the name of Allah is grossly offensive.

2) The mosque is being backed by a group that chose to call itself “the Cordoba Project” in honor of the former Grand Mosque of Cordoba. That mosque was built on the site of a former Christian church, and is one of many times Islam deliberately chose to build a mosque atop a site holy to another, subjugated faith. The Hagia Sophia. The Al Aqsa Mosque. The Tomb of the Patriarchs. Mecca itself was conquered and forcibly converted from pagans.

America, being a secular nation, doesn’t have specifically “holy” places. But we hold great reverence for places where large numbers of Americans died. The USS Arizona, in Pearl Harbor. Gettysburg. The former Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

And the sites of the 9/11 attacks.

Those are our “sacred places.” Those are our “hallowed grounds.” We use religious and spiritual language to describe them not out of a sense of piety, but because it offers the best way of expressing the emotional and sentimental power they hold over us.

And when these concerns and feelings and beliefs are brought up to the mosque backers, we are insulted and denigrated and dismissed. When we use the language that we have been told that is the appropriate means of communication and ask for “respect” and “tolerance” and “acceptance” and “understanding” in this area, we are dismissed as bigots — or worse.

Worse? Yes. The answers given are not even related to the questions we asked.

“Why must you build it there, of all places!”

“Because it is our Constitutional right, and you can’t stop us!”

“Why did you name it after the Cordoba mosque?”

“Because it is our Constitutional right, and you can’t stop us!”

“Why must you open it on September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of the attack?”

“Because it is our Constitutional right, and you can’t stop us!”

“Why won’t you show any respect for those who lost so many loved ones on that terrible day, killed in the name of Allah?”

“Because it is our Constitutional right, and you can’t stop us!”

“Why won’t you even consider building it somewhere else, especially when we say we will help you find another place and help you build it?”

“Because it is our Constitutional right, and you can’t stop us!”

As I’ve said before, should the mosque be built on that site, and open on that date, I and many others will accept it. We understand and value and appreciate the Constitution.

But we shall not accept it quietly. We will protest it every step of the way. We will speak out and denounce it and make as many people as we can fully aware of the full message it conveys. We will not forget that those who are demanding “respect” and “tolerance” and “acceptance” and “understanding” have repeatedly proven that they have absolutely zero interest or inclination in demonstrating those traits themselves. And we will not let that selfish, one-sided nature of the mosque builders go unmentioned or unforgotten.


“Because it is our Constitutional right, and you can’t stop us!”

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