In Defense Of The Ground Zero Mosque, Huff-Po Style

In one of Jay Tea’s recent articles, he describes his latest adventure through the Kos-mic void over at the Daily Kos. I, too, have participated in my own recent journeys through the vast universe of liberal dark matter.

Yesterday, my trip was to the Huffington Post.

Boy, do they have some strange cats roaming around there.

Case in point: A stooge named Bob Cesca, host of a basement broadcast called “The Bob and Elvis Show.”

Bob is a regular at HP, each week offering up hyper-partisan nonsense, usually directed at Conservative talkers or whatever he can dream up that will deal the race card.

His most recent rant is called “Ground Zero Mosque Opponents Have a Lot of Work to Do.” As of this writing, there were almost 2,500 sycophants chiming in support for Bob’s stand.

In it, he predictably takes to task Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and, of course, Rush Limbaugh for their (gasp!) opposition to the building of the mosque.

“Of course this is entirely about a swath of 9/11 fetishists, mostly Christians, ginning up anti-Muslim fear and demagoguery to score political points. It’s a cheap and obvious exploitation of the widespread American prejudice that anyone who happens to be Muslim is equally as guilty and offensive as the terrorists who hijacked and crashed two airplanes into the World Trade Center towers.

It must be an election year because Republicans are once again rolling out September 11 as a wedge issue. You know, because they care about honoring the fallen. When it helps them politically.”

His disdain for broad-brushing an entire segment of society is central to his argument, claiming all muslims are now branded terrorists by an unfair, “American prejudice.”

He then goes on to utilize the same broad-brushing tactics he brands as “demagoguery,” blasting “mostly Christians,” who he calls “9/11 fetishists.”

He manages to accomplish all of this within one small, hypocritical paragraph. A pretty amazing feat.

Not only does he disparage Christians, but he blames Republicans for the materialization of this controversy.

Makes perfect sense.

Considering 70% of the people in this country are opposed to the building of this fun and inclusive “community center,” I guess with the Cesca Logic Calculator, those 70% can now be called Republicans?

That would kind of inadvertently derail the liberal mantra that only about 21% of people in this country consider themselves Republicans, no?

His bizarre rant continues:

“As many of us have heard, there’s a strip club two blocks away. I’m not sure how lap dances are less offensive than a religious community center. In fact, there are quite a few places in lower Manhattan within short walking distance of Ground Zero that would have to be eliminated as part of these stringent guidelines dictating how sacred ground ought to be respected. Via Twitter, Sarah Palin urged President Obama to weigh in on the Park 51 issue. Well, I urge Sarah Palin to weigh in on the strip club “at Ground Zero.” We’re waiting, Sarah. Will you campaign against the strip club? How about the gun shows that happen at Cox Pavilion, not far from the site of the Oklahoma City bombing? Or the Shinto shrines a mile or two from Pearl Harbor?

(Think about this for a second. He’s actually calling Sarah Palin to the carpet for the location of a strip club.)

Was the strip club there prior to 9/11? I’ll bet some of the patrons that used to go there probably died on that day, you freaking idiot.

Were there gun shows at Cox Pavilion before the Oklahoma City bombing? And if so, since you libs are so picky, bleating out that this “Ground Zero mosque” is actually a whole two blocks away from where the attack took place (Though you still call it the Ground Zero mosque), what exactly do you mean by “not far?” Last I checked, it isn’t illegal to own a gun in this country, at least not yet. Nor is it illegal to present gun shows. If you are going to bring up the Shinto shrines near Pearl Harbor, then which is it, Bob? A mile or two miles away? Were these shrines there prior to Pearl Harbor? Perhaps clarifying your statements would lend a bit of gravity to your argument. I doubt it.

Turning his attention to The Freedom Tower, he then tries to fault what will be built there as part his defense for building the mosque.

“So there’s going to be a shopping mall literally in the ground of Ground Zero. “Below-grade” means “in the ground.” The Ground. In other words, Sarah Palin and her entire gaggle of various babies and ghost writers can visit Ground Zero and honor the heroes and victims of 9/11 while trying on tankinis at Juicy Couture (or whatever clothing stores end up there) constructed within the actual ground of Ground Zero.”

(By the way, Bob… Your obsession with all things Sarah Palin comes off as a bit strong. Maybe you should buy the house right next to hers and write a book, that way you can… Oh. Wait a minute…)

Let’s see if we can put this in a bit of perspective for Bob:

Who attacked us on September 11, 2001?

A) Strippers in thongs wearing nipple tassels, packing 9mm Glocks down their ass-cracks right below a tramp stamp tattoo of the Japanese “Rising Sun” flag, with tankinis around their ankles.


B) Islamic fundamentalists.

Bob then changes tactics and goes berserk, devoting at least six more paragraphs to.. Well, here’s a small taste:

“Newt Gingrich, for his part, has written several books about the Civil War, one of which fantasizes about a Confederate victory at Gettysburg. Actually, I once stood several feet away from Gingrich as he held a book signing at a Gettysburg gift shop located a block or two from a McDonald’s on Steinwehr Avenue — a McDonald’s that sits on the actual battlefield, specifically the location of the infamous Pickett’s Charge on the third day of battle. (The gift shop is also technically on the battlefield.)

The McDonald’s is next to a Friendly’s restaurant and across from a hotel with a swimming pool where tourists can honor the fallen while wearing arm floaties and smacking each other with foam noodles. There’s a restaurant called General Pickett’s Buffet on the battlefield. There used to be a Stuckey’s Restaurant literally in the Peach Orchard. There’s a 7-11 convenience store where U.S. cavalry commander General John Buford, arguably the hero of Gettysburg, was headquartered on the first day.

Sarah? Beck?”

This is not a joke. He actually is creating a moral equivalence between the Civil War, where it took place, how it is recognized, and the Ground Zero mosque.

As if trying to out-weird himself, he continues on this Civil War path, siting that the National Parks Service has a monument erected of confederate General Robert. E Lee at Gettysburg.

Take it away, Bob:

I can’t even imagine the September 11 equivalent of such a memorial to an enemy of the United States. Now, just to be clear, I’m not advocating one way or another about the Confederate battlefield monuments at Gettysburg (the retail shops, on the other hand, are a blight). I’m merely drawing a parallel here. And if Newt, Sarah and Glenn are truly so driven to maintain the sacred purity of American “hallowed ground,” they definitely have a lot of work to do. And they can start by campaigning for the removal of the Lee statue of Gettysburg. You know, for the sake of consistency. Let’s see how popular that’ll be, especially with their southern fanbase.

This guy is like the Yosemite Sam of insanity. Openly calling on critics of the mosque to draw parallels with Civil War monuments and battlefields, then calling them out if they don’t play in the rubber room that he’s created.

According to Bob and his shrinking liberal bobble-heads, I thought this mosque isn’t a “monument.” By comparing Civil War memorials to the mosque, isn’t that what you are inadvertently implying, Bob?

Between the Revolution and the Civil War, the entire East Coast would be off limits to civilization according to your bat-shit crazy logic.

That’s why we have historical parks and landmarks dedicated to important aspects of our national heritage. That’s why your condemnation of a statue of Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg National Military Park is ridiculous. There are monuments all over that park, to various people and events from both sides, who took part in one of the darkest chapters in our nation’s history.

The kids over at Kos are still the reigning champions of having the most people with clinically diagnosed brain loss in one place.

But, after reading this village idiot, Huff-Po is closing the gap.

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