Screw Him

A while ago, I registered at Daily Kos to properly engage this one Kossack who had decided to take me on. I got tired of his cheap-shotting, so I figured I’d take the fight to him.

It wasn’t pretty. Every now and then I still pop back there, and I’ve got a solid record of shutting down the “discussions” when I smack him and his sycophants around.

Anyway, I’m a registered “Kossack.” (Hangs head in shame.) I’ve never actually posted anything to my “diary” over there, but it does exist. It’s one of the “benefits” of being a member.

Along with getting spammed by the head asshole himself.

Markos “Screw Them” Moulitsas has a new crusade out. He wants the Senate to end the filibuster rule, allowing a simple majority to dominate — as is in the House.

Here’s his first call to action, properly Fisked:

Jay Tea,

Welcome to the Daily Kos action email list. You received this email either because you are a registered member of the Daily Kos community, or because you donated to a Daily Kos operated Act Blue page. To unsubscribe from this list, click here.

Translation: you idiot, once you gave us your e-mail, we own it. Expect to get spammed, harassed, and even sold unless you ask nicely. And no, we didn’t warn you when you signed up, or gave you a chance to opt out first. “You fucked up. You trusted us.”

Today we’re launching a campaign to end the filibuster. Join this campaign by clicking the link below and signing the petition that appears:

Ending the filibuster starts here!

Because online petitions mean so, so much.

Here’s how signing the petition makes a difference.

We’ll deliver the petition to every Democratic nominee for Senate and every returning Democratic Senator. When we do, we’ll get them on record about whether they agree that the rules of the Senate can, and should, be changed with a simple majority vote on the first day of Congress next year.

Let’s see. I wonder if Senator Ned Lamont will go along with this. Oh, yeah, Lamont was the guy who Kos threw his whole weight behind, and he got his ass kicked. Until Obama, Kos had a nearly perfect record of backing losers.

Once 51 returning and potential Senators have come out in support, we’ll have proven that changing Senate rules is possible with a simple majority vote.

It doesn’t need proving, you moron. It’s written into the Senate rules already.

Sign the petition, prove change is possible!

Entrenched power players like Joe Lieberman, Max Baucus, Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu have all depended on the filibuster to enable Republican obstructionism and water down progressive legislation. Corporate interests have used it to protect themselves by purchasing a few small state Senators on the cheap.

There’s no such thing as a “cheap” Senator. Senate seats are very, very expensive. And you want “entrenched?” Let’s add a few more to that list. Kennedy and Byrd left feet-first. Boxer, Feinstein, Kerry, Inouye, Harkin, Mikulski, Rockefeller, Sanders, Schumer — they ain’t leaving willingly, either.

And if that isn’t a nice skimming of some of the most wealthy and most corrupt members of the Senate, I’ll eat my hat.

There’s no bigger decision Senate Democrats will make next year. The Senate is where good legislation goes to die. Democrats can either change a system that allows a tiny unaccountable minority to thwart the will of the country, or they can continue being part of the problem.

It’s also where bad legislation goes to die.

You have received this email through your subscription to Daily Kos’s email list. If you did not subscribe, or would no longer like to receive email updates you can unsubscribe here.

See? You’re subscribed, even if you didn’t subscribe. Enjoy it. But if you’re an ungrateful wretch, we’ll let you off the hook if you jump through our hoops.

But the biggest problem with Kos’ grand plan (apart from getting the Powers That Be to take him seriously — which alone is a crippling challenge) is that it’s built on an assumption that is tremendously dangerous for his side.

And that is that the Democrats will hold at least 50 seats after November.

What’s amazing is the underlying whining beneath this “call to action.” The Democrats took both Houses in 2006. In 2008, they not only increased their hold, but took the White House. Since January 2009, they’ve held a greater majority than President Bush ever enjoyed.

And yet that still isn’t enough for them. They still have to whine and piss and moan and find new ways to “Blame Bush” for all their problems and failures.

Guess what, Dems? Those failures are yours, and yours alone.

And if you change the rules, they’re changed. I can think of quite a few Republicans who drool at the thought of having that kind of unchallenged power you want to grant the majority.

There’s a part of me that would dearly love to see Kos react should the Democrats lose the Senate. Watching him backpedal and erase his work here would be priceless. Especially since there would be a bunch of hard copies floating around.

But I LIKE the current system. I LIKE that it preserves the rights of the minority to, on occasion, force the majority to actually recognize their existence.

If the Democrats, when they were in the minority, simply lacked the cohesion and testicular fortitude to avail themselves of the power they held, that’s their problem.

And it’s always pathetic when one side decides that the reason they keep losing is the rules. One would think they’d notice that the rules didn’t change when they swapped sides, but that would require a sense of self-awareness they sorely lack.

But keep up the petition, Kos. It’s tremendously entertaining.

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