Naming Your Fears

Well, the latest anti-Tea-Party movement is underway. And I’m betting it’ll be just as effective and long-lasting and powerful as these prior attempts.

Of all the attempts, this one has to be the most honest. Instead of trying to steal the Tea Party’s momentum or paint them as extremists or mock them as irrelevant, it is an open expression of their exasperation and anger and contempt.

And most of all, fear.

The thing that the left can’t quite grasp about the Tea Party is its fundamental nature. They are so wrapped up in their own model of organizing for power that they simply can’t conceive of the opposite working. For the left, it’s almost exclusively top-down organizing — bigwigs set the tone, supply the money, and provide the connections the liberal groups need to prosper.

But the Tea Party is just the opposite. It’s bottom-up. It’s the little people getting together and working for some generalized common goals and ideals. There’s no overarching structure, no big leaders, no national organizations.

That doesn’t stop the left. They have their model, and by god they’re going to make the Tea Party fit into it. So they go looking for people they can cast as the “leaders” so they can tear them down — and take the movement with it.

Which usually leaves the Tea Partiers amused and wondering who the hell these “leaders” are that they are supposed to be so ashamed of.

And then there’s Sarah Palin. She’s never far from the left’s minds. They constantly attack and denigrate her and run her down, harping on how insignificant and unsubstantial and pathetic she is. They even drag her into stories where she has no real connection — witness the (sigh) New Hampshire lawmakers who had to bring her up when former Senator Ted Stevens was killed this week. (I have to note that the State Representative who resigned after his Facebook comment represented the Durham area, one of my state’s most liberal enclaves, and was a re-located Masshole who I’d dearly love to send back across the border to the land of Kennedy, Kerry, and Frank.)

What is the obsession with Palin and the Tea Party? If they are so pathetic and insignificant and meaningless, why must they be attacked and destroyed?

Because the left knows that these represent a lot of things about average Americans — both good and bad. They’re genuine American creatures, warts and all. And that means that they have tremendous appeal for a lot of Americans, who can see a bit of themselves — not as they wish they were, but as they are and aspire to be.

And that is why they must be destroyed. That level of honesty is utterly intolerable.

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