They've Cracked The Code

Wow, Greg Gutfeld is a genius. He announced that he wants to open a gay bar next to the planned Ground Zero Mosque that is especially Muslim-friendly (he’s having a contest to name it; right now, the leading candidates seem to be “Turban Cowboy,” “Suspicious Packages,” “Ji-Hot” or “Ji-Hunk,” and “Infidel-icious”).

Well, it took some prodding, but Gutfeld finally managed to get the Cordoba House people to respond to his proposal:

You’re free to open whatever you like. If you won’t consider the sensibilities of Muslims, you’re not going to build dialog

Look at that answer. “Build dialog.” They’ve cracked the code. They’ve learned how to speak like the liberals.

Now, one would think that if the mosque backers were really interested in “building dialogue,” they’d have taken the opportunity to talk with those who opposed their plans to build their mosque and community center just around the corner from Ground Zero. But no, they just frittered that opportunity away, and instead called them hateful bigots and tried to claim they were the victims of illegal discrimination and harassment.

But that’s what reasonable, honest people would do. Instead, in this case, you’re mistaken. You have to understand what “dialogue” means in this context.

One side says “you’re a hateful bigot,” and you say “I’m sorry. How can I make things right?”

“You can give me this and this and this, for starters.”

“Absolutely. And what else can I do to show how sincerely sorry I am?”

“You can stop doing this and this and this, and we’ll consider forgiving you.”

That’s “dialog.” Not a frank exchange of ideas, but an adaptation of the mentality Ronald Reagan ascribed to the Soviet Union when it came to arms negotiations: “what’s ours is ours; what’s yours is negotiable.”

Which is entirely appropriate, as we’re pretty much talking about the spiritual successors to the Soviet Union — one in the case of advancing the socialist cause, the other in achieving global domination in the name of their monstrous ideology.

The mosque backers had a chance to have an honest “dialogue” with the people who oppose their plans. They could have chosen to listen to those who find the move grossly offensive and insensitive, to engage them in a discussion and see if they could resolve the tensions beforehand. But they chose not to.

I’ve been to a gay bar exactly once in my life, and that was an accident. But if Gutfeld pulls this off, and I ever get to New York City, I just might have to check out “You Mecca Me Hot.”

For one thing, I bet the decor will be stunning…

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