Thank God For Harry Truman

65 years ago yesterday, President Truman made the decision to use nuclear weapons against Japan during World War II.

This decision probably saved more lives than it destroyed, given the fact that the Japanese were hell-bent on, if not winning, not surrendering, and that American deaths and causalities were estimated to be close to a million if Operation “Downfall,” the proposed mainland invasion of Japan, were to have commenced.

In another show of Obama’s penchant for demonizing all things American and apologizing for our actions around the world, he sent John Roos, U.S. Ambassador to Japan to the annual memorial commemorating the bombing of Hiroshima.

This is the first time a representative of the United States has attended the memorial.

From The Wall Street Journal:

The Obama administration has been seeking to strengthen the U.S.’s presence in Asia, in part to counter China’s growing clout in the region, with Washington’s relationship with Japan serving as a linchpin of that strategy.

Mr. Roos’s attendance is likely to stir emotions in Hiroshima, the site of the world’s worst atomic-bomb attack, which killed some 140,000 people, either directly or from the effects of radiation. Many fear that the memory and scars of the bombing are starting to be forgotten in Japan, as two-thirds of the country’s people were born after 1945.

Japan, the only country to have experienced an atomic-bomb attack, has for decades played up its role as the victim of an unthinkable atrocity, while at the same time glossing over its invasions of China, Manchuria, and other countries in Asia. Revisionist textbooks in Japan have glossed over the massacre at Nanking and other atrocities the Japanese committed in Asia during World War II.

On Fuji TV, one of Japan’s main networks, footage was shown of Ban Ki-moon speaking to survivors of the atomic bomb. The commentator on the show said “we really want President Obama” to attend the ceremony next year.

Japan, along with Germany and Italy, attempted to take over the world.

These three countries were responsible for more death and destruction in WWII than in any other human conflict in the history of the world . For anyone to suggest that Obama attend the ceremony is a direct result of his weakness and his desire to place blame on the U.S. for everything it has done on the international stage since its inception.

Both Japan and Germany were in the process of creating their own atomic program. If they had succeeded, would there be any question in anyone’s mind that they would have used it?

Think about how many of us would not be here today if a million American soldiers were killed in an invasion of Japan.

Yes. The Japan of today is far different then the one which bombed Pearl Harbor. They are one of our staunchest allies now. Arguably, due to our use of the atomic bomb, and our subsequent help in the rebuilding of their nation, they have become one of the most powerful, respected nations in the world.

The atomic bombs of WWII were far different than the ones developed during the cold war.

Back then, it was just another weapon to be used in a world that had seen too much war.

The weapons manufactured during the arms race with the USSR were made to see who was the biggest kid on the block and who would win if they got into a pissing contest.

The fact that we have not used these weapons since, in any form, is a testament to our restraint and moral integrity. It shows we have no interest in world or regional domination.

Juxtapose that against any Islamic terrorist regime. If they had this technology, Israel would not exist, and the fate of the world would be held hostage.

The fact that Obama sent a representative to the Hiroshima bombing memorial shows just how much of an apologist he is for things he refuses to realistically and historically fathom.

Ban Ki-moon may just get his wish in the next two years.

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