A Premature Dancing On A Grave

Open Secrets is a tremendously useful site. It is the one-stop shopping site for all the public records of politically active groups.

Bob Owens, over at Confederate Yankee, noted that the veep of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence had written a piece for the Puffington Host denouncing Obama for not appointing a head for the BATFE, preferably one with a firm plan to confiscate every gun in private hands. Owens noted that he didn’t have to shred Dennis Henigan’s blather — the commenters at the exceptionally liberal HP had already done a superb job.

In those comments, though, one person noted the Brady Center’s Political Action Committee’s latest filings, as collected and reported by Open Secrets, and it’s great news — for those of us who dislike the Brady Center.

As of June 30, 2010, their books looked like this:

Total Receipts: $2,500.
Total Spent: $4,680.
Begin Cash On Hand: $11,813.
End Cash On Hand: $9,636.

The once-almighty gun-grabbing group, less than a hundred days before the midterm elections, has doled out less than five grand this year, and has less than ten thousand more to spend. Further, they’ve only collected $2,500 this year to date.

The list of the favorite candidates of the gun-grabbers? Seven Democrats, five running for House seats and two in the Senate. Kristen Gillibrand (NY) was the big winner, with $1,000. Jeff Merkley (OR) got $500. And for the House, each got $250: Gerry Connolly (VA), Phil Hare (IL), Mary Jo Kilroy (OH), Dan Maffei (NY), and Michael E. McMahon (NY).

A grand total of $2,750.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. And with such a satisfying thud.

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