Progressives just can't help themselves

Progressives simply can’t control themselves. Anywhere there are people exercising their right to free speech free from governmental oversight and control, progressives have fits. Take California’s Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). They are wringing their hands in dismay that politicians are tweeting, updating their Facebook statuses, and sending text messages without the standard  disclosures.  This sounds so ridiculous you’d think it was an idea invented by an Onion writer. But reality is stranger and more farcical than fiction. From The Institute for Justice’s free speech blog:

The Associated Press reports that California’s Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) is considering “how to regulate new forms of political activity such as appeals on a voter’s Facebook page or in a text message.”

The recommendations apparently include “requiring tweets and texts to link to a website that includes . . . full disclosures, although some people feel the disclosure should be in the text itself no matter how brief . . . .”
These bureaucrats want politicians to include disclosures on every Tweet, Facebook status update, and text message that addresses a political issue or is an appeal to voters. Can you imagine how utterly absurd this would look in the 2012 campaign cycle: “I’m (candidate’s name) and I approve this tweet.”  Stupid.

These people have way too much time on their hands.

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