What Would Jesus Do?

Liberals seem to enjoy asking that question vis a vis social issues, so I think it’s quite appropriate that we ask the same question of them, now that we know what their meddling in our health care system hath wrought:


Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas and Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas developed the chart in an attempt to visually illustrate the convoluted new bureaucracy of ObamaCare.

The full size chart in PDF format is downloadable here.

(h/t El Rushbo)


Related: the Missouri state question authorizing a state constitutional amendment a proposed state law to ban the Federal government from forcing citizens of the state to purchase health insurance passed yesterday with an overwhelming 70% of the vote. (The ballot question was originally conceived as a state constitutional amendment, but was changed to a proposed law so it could be included on the primary election ballot.)

Next time, Pat, try reading the bill
Obama decides to wield his budget deficit axe