"Tolerance of the intolerant is not a virtue. It is suicide."

Seraphic Secret on the mosque near Ground Zero:

The Ground Zero Mosque is designed as a monument to the supremacy of Islam.

It is designed as a sign to Muslims everywhere that Islam will triumph over the Judeo-Christian West.

Islam is and has always been an imperialistic doctrine. Wherever it takes root, mosques are built higher than Synagogues and Churches. In fact, one of the most vile practices of Islam is to take sacred Jewish or Christian ground and colonize it for Islam.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a perfect example.

It is Har-Habayit, the location of the Jewish Temples. But the Islamic armies conquered Jerusalem and immediately set about building a Mosque. Now, Jews are forbidden entrance.

That is the plan for the Mosque at Ground Zero.

The Imam and his wife–stealth jihadists with strong ties to The Muslim Brotherhood–use the language of tolerance to hide their true intentions. They will build the Mosque–with terrorist money–and then, before you know it, the area will gradually be transformed into a forbidden zone for non-Muslims. Like those streets of fire in France or Holland where even the police dare not enter.

Women who are not draped in shmattes will be spat upon and beaten.

Jews and Christians will take their lives in their hand in this new neighborhood.

Mayor Bloomberg and the other quislings who invoke freedom of religion are a bunch of useful idiots.

Tolerance of the intolerant is not a virtue.

It is suicide.

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A Country Divided: Election Maps by County
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