Next time, Pat, try reading the bill

Sen. Pat Lehahy is concerned that the new “financial reform” bill exempts the SEC from Freedom of Information Act requests:

… I am concerned that an overly broad Freedom of Information Act exemption, originally drafted in the House of Representatives and which was included in the final law, is contrary to the very important goals of the Wall Street Reform bill – restoring accountability and transparency to our financial markets. The SEC should immediately issue guidance narrowly interpreting this FOIA exemption in a manner that is both consistent with the President’s policy of government transparency and with Congressional intent. I will work with the Obama administration and others in Congress to ensure that the SEC remains subject to FOIA and accountable to the American people.

Um … Pat? The time to voice concerns like these is BEFORE you vote to pass the bill.

And the establishment wonders why Tea Partiers are “angry” …

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