"You know what's scary about liberals nowadays?"

Morgan’s asking, and answering, the question:

They know how they want to hate, so much better than they know who to hate. Hate, as in…anger that is not provoked by any specific act. Anger directed at people for what they are, rather than for what they do.

They know how they want to hate, well before they know what the target is. In November of 2008, it was anybody who voted for anybody besides Barack Obama, because these were people who tried to obstruct the Glorious Agenda. But it was a muted hate, because that was a minority and thus ineffectual.

Now it’s six in ten. And now it’s a hate that can melt steel. They’ve got all these well-rehearsed speeches defining what exactly the enemy is…but they don’t know who it is, and they don’t care.

These people are the reason we cannot discuss politics in the workplace. Their plans have been given a more than fair shot, the plans have failed, they’re feeling sensitive about it and they’re looking for an outlet for their rage. All ready to marginalize the other side as fringe, knowing full well they are far more deserving of this.

Do conservatives really have hate? I’m sure there is an individual here & there that is hateful…but for the movement overall, “anger” fits so much better. We’ve got our taxes being ratcheted up at the end of the year, as a panacea for an economic malaise that didn’t start until the democrats took over Congress back in ’07. Our President doesn’t know what He’s doing, and He was supposed to know everything. We were obliged to hand all the controls and power tools off to grown-up children, and we see the wreckage that results today.

Now we’re supposed to blame it all on the people who didn’t want to see it happen, and did all they could to prevent it.

A rational, reasonable person gets angry.

But anger is nothing like hate, especially liberal hate.

Morgan hammer meet the progressive nail.


He’s got more where that came from.

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