A Simple Discussion

I noticed something interesting this week past; President Obama is slipping in the polls, but still hanging up approval numbers north of 45%. Compare that to the Democrats overall, and against Congress, and it’s obvious that Pres-O has more going for him than just about any Donk up for a vote in November.

So, has anyone else noticed something about the O? Like, how little we have seen of him going out to sell Donk Congressional and Senatorial candidates to the voters?

Now, why is that ths case, do you think? The following possibilities come to mind for me:

1. Obama is unwilling to risk his diminished approval ratings to help Donks already in a tailspin

2. The Donks realize that the President caused a lot of the present problem, and they don’t want anymore of his “help”

3. Obama is so out of touch, he has not realized the Donks are in danger almost across the board

Your thoughts?

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