We, The People: the real Big Brother

Gay Patriot’s post is my must read for the day. Bruce argues that things may look bleak but we have more power than we realize:

The Internet, blogosphere, New Media, and everyone owning a video camera device has made the “Army of Davids” also an check and balance on the “Big Brother” State.  In fact, one could argue that We, The People are the true Big Brother (in a good way) by constantly monitoring and calling out the never ending moves toward tyranny by the Federal Government.  Exhibit A: Congressman Bob Etheridge (Ruling Class – NC).  Exhibit B: Congressman Brad Sherman (Ruling Class – CA) Exhibit C: Congressman Ciro Rodriguez (Ruling Class – TX)  Exhibit D:  Any Town Hall meeting in 2009 & 2010 (Ruling Class vs. We, The People)

He’s absolutely right. Technology gives us great power to keep our government officials in check. Barack Obama realizes this, which is why he criticized all this technology when he said in a commencement speech at Hampton University that too much information (i.e. blogs, iPhones, iPads, talk radio, Xboxes, etc…) puts “too much pressure” on our democracy. If by “democracy” he means his ability to force his radically leftist agenda down our throats, then, yes, I can see how he thinks the free flow of information isn’t such a good thing.

But it’s not our democracy that’s in jeopardy, since we aren’t really a democracy. It’s our Constitutional Republic that is being destroyed with each swing of Obama’s big government machete. But we can fight back with technology, document as much as we can, and share what we find with as many people as possible to shine the light of truth on what they are doing. As Ronald Reagan once said, “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”

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