Night Of The Living Dead Community Organizers

Hey, remember ACORN? The Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now!? After they were caught up in that video scandal, the group disbanded. A lot of people predicted that the same rogue’s gallery of scumbags, parasites, and thugs would reunite under a new nom de guerre.

Well, in Missouri, they’ve got their new name, and it reflects their primary demand. Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment wants MORE money, MORE power, MORE influence, MORE attention, and MORE of their particular strain of “social justice.”

When President Obama signed the alleged “financial reform” bill, they decided that was the perfect time to hold their first publicity stunt. They stormed a branch of Chase Bank in Chesterfield, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis).

It was a cheesy, stupid stunt, at best. The head thugs of MORE demanded meetings with the top execs of Chase to discuss their mortgage holdings in the area. As if the top execs of Chase are going to be hanging around a retail office in suburban Missouri.

I’m no lawyer, but I do know that bank robbery is a federal offense. I believe that is because, legally, banks are federally chartered institutions.

So, if robbing a bank is a federal offense, wouldn’t invading and occupying one likewise be a federal offense?

It’s gotta be a criminal offense at best.

And I’m not holding my breath for the Holder Justice Department to look into the case.

Apparently just “killing” ACORN wasn’t sufficient. So now we have to figure out how to metaphorically drive a stake through its heart, cut off its head, burn the body, and scatter the ashes to the four winds.

Because sometimes death just isn’t enough.

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