Be Careful What You Wish For…

One of the hallmarks of the left is their apparent inability to think things through. They seem blissfully unaware of the law of unintended consequences, and don’t seem to grasp how simple good intentions don’t trump everything else. As long as their hearts are in the right place, they refuse to see how things might not turn out how they want them to.

For example, the recent surge among Democrats for withdrawing from the fighting in Afghanistan. “Bring the troops home!” is their non-battle cry.

So, how’s that gonna work out for them?

Let’s see… the military traditionally votes far more for Republicans than Democrats. And troops overseas also tend to vote a lot less than those stationed here in the US. Further, the Democrats have put a lot of effort into finding ways to discount or disqualify the absentee ballots of troops stationed overseas — during 2000, the Al Gore campaign sent out a memo specifically telling how to dispute and reject the votes of troops sent in abroad.

Further, the troops on the ground in Afghanistan aren’t eager to give up the fight and retreat. They want to win, and win with honor — not slink out in defeat. A lot of them will resent being pulled out before the job is done — and resent those who ordered them out.

If the Democrats pushing for an Afghan withdrawal, they will be bringing home almost 100,000 (94,000 as of May) people, the majority already inclined to vote Republican and many feeling even more slighted by the Democrats. Add in their families and friends they can sway, and that number only grows. ACORN workers would have to work overtime (unpaid, of course) to gin up enough bogus voter registration forms to balance that out.

And that doesn’t even mention the 92,000 or so troops in Iraq as well…

It should go without saying that I oppose the withdrawal. But I have to admit, the thought of the Democrats’ grand “strategy” blowing up in their faces does amuse me.

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