Just When You Think You've Heard It All

There are some sick practices in parts of the world regarding the accepted treatment of women.

Female genital mutilation, death by stoning for adultery, blaming a woman for getting raped.

And that’s just a few.

Add another to the list today.

I visited the Huffington Post to see what the kooks on the left are up to, and found something very disturbing, no matter what your political persuasion may be. (Begrudgingly, I tip my hat to them for reporting this.)

In the country of Cameroon, located in Western Africa, it seems there is a growing problem, particularly involving the rise in pregnancy of young girls.

People have invented a rather barbaric way of attempting to combat this problem.

Their answer: Breast ironing.

The justification given for performing this ritual is that if a girl’s breasts, particularly those of a young girl, can be “flattened” and made smaller or unattractive, men will be less likely to want them, get them pregnant, or sexually assault them.

So, someone, usually the mother, bakes a stone in a fire, and, uses it to flatten the young girl’s breasts.

This is not just a one time event for the girl. It can be repeated for months.

This doesn’t necessarily halt the growth of the breast, but physically mutilates them, so they will be perceived as less attractive.

Not that it matters, but, this is done while these girls are fully awake, with nothing to relieve what has to be unbelievable pain, not to mention the emotional scars which will remain with the girl forever.

Some will say male circumcision is just as barbaric and unnecessary.

The difference is that no male infant has any memory of the procedure, it is almost always preformed in a hospital, under sterile conditions, by a doctor, and there are actual health benefits associated with it. (Although some will disagree with that.)

This, however, is just a sick practice. One which is designed to place sexual blame on the woman, and done because, hell, it’s easier to mangle a woman’s body than it is to condemn and change a male-dominated, barbaric society.

The following video is a small documentary on this practice. There is a small amount of nudity, but, it most certainly is not of the “arousing” kind.

(As much as I detest using it, the video is from CurrentTV, which is just a liberal mouthpiece created by AlGore to be utilized on the internet that Algore created.)

Never-the-less, it’s sick.

What’s next? Killing all females just because they are women?


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