What does 184 million gallons of oil look like …

… when compared to a 660 quadrillion gallon body of water? CNBC has the answer:


Okay, let’s be careful here. The massive BP oil spill has been a huge environmental disaster. Millions of gallons of oil have washed ashore or are seriously threatening coastal environments. The fishing, shrimping, and oyster harvesting industries on the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama have been seriously damaged, and its realistic to assume that they may never return to the way they were before April 20, 2010.

But at the same time, it’s simply incorrect to assert that BP has polluted or wrecked the entire Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf will recover, probably within a completely unexpected time frame, and through mechanisms that we either don’t understand, or aren’t yet even aware of.

Sometimes it’s worth remembering just how massive and powerful our planet really is, even when compared to the most impressive efforts of mankind.

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