Stuck In The Middle

Barack Obama is not a socialist. Just ask him. He has no intention of telling businesses how they should conduct themselves, within reason. He supports common-sense laws, basic laws that protect workers’ rights and keep them from being exploited.

He has no interest in controlling private industry. He has no desire to dictate the decisions businesses make every day.

Except, of course, when absolutely necessary. Such as, in what businesses pay their employees.

At the bottom, they believe in an ever-escalating minimum wage. They think that they can determine, better than the businesses themselves, what certain jobs are worth and will compel businesses to pay what the government thinks they’re worth.

At the top, they believe that there is such a thing as “too much money” and will denounce companies that pay their top execs more than they think appropriate, executives who bargain dearly for their services and get the best deal they can as greedy, and in some cases will actually use the force of law to impose their standards.

Contracts, schmontracts. A deal is a deal, unless it isn’t.

Good thing Obama isn’t really interested in controlling businesses. If he was, who knows what he’d do then?

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